The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 9 Review: 2109

Before Nick can go back to the fantasy suite, he has to face the girl who originally brought him there for some quality time.

The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 9 was cut short, but it still brought the drama.

Will Nick Be Shocked? - The Bachelor

The show picks off right where it left off last week, with former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman (the first of many girls to break Nick's heart on national television) showing up at Nick's door.

I'm not totally sure why Andi is here, but you can't deny that she looks FAB. I can't staaaaap fangirling over her hair. 

Andi stop

I'm also expecting multiple plugs for her book, It's Not Okay. (I wonder what Juan Pablo is up to these days).

I think this conversation might call for some whiskey.


Nick tells Andi about his final four, and says he isn't sure if he is going to pick someone at the end because he takes getting engaged very seriously... even though he's tried to propose multiple times on this show.

Nick: I have four very smart women... strong-headed women.
Andi: And they stuck around?

Meanwhile, all of his current girlfriends (Vanessa, Raven, Corinne and Rachel) are downstairs waiting for him... and are all convinced that they are supposed to end up with Nick.

Rachel, Raven, Corinne and Vanessa

Back in the hotel suite, Andi straight up asks Nick if he is going to sleep with anyone in the fantasy suites. He says he isn't sure, which is the biggest lie told on TV since it was announced that La La Land won Best Picture at the Oscars.

And suddenly, it's clear why Andi wanted to make her return. She asks Nick about his infamous "why did you make love to me if you're not in love with me?" moment on After The Final Rose, and if he regrets it.

Never forget.

Why did you make love to me?

He apologizes, and they leave on friendly terms.

I still want you to be happy, and for that, I've always been sorry.


I'm excited to hear the behind the scenes gossip when Andi inevitability writes a second book.

It's time for the rose ceremony.

Raven gets the first rose, followed by Rachel. It's not shocking that Nick wants to pursue a relationship with Rachel, but it's shocking that she got a rose (again!) considering that ABC announced she was the new Bachelorette weeks ago.

It's between Vanessa and Corinne for the final rose, which the show tries to make suspenseful, but we all know it's Corinne's time to go back to her nanny.

Corinne immediately starts to cry. I'm not sure if she's faking it or crying over the fact that she's wearing a dress with a million cutouts in the middle of winter in New York City.

Corinne crying

She continues to sob, and Nick comforts her.

Don't cry because it's over Corinne, smile because you'll always have the bouncy house.

I feel like my heart is like, literally, like never going to be repaired.


After all of her tears, Corinne (naturally) takes a nap in the limo. I hope she gets enough beauty rest before she heads to Mexico for Bachelor in Paradise.

Nick, Rachel, Raven and Vanessa head to Finland. This might be the first time the fantasy suite dates aren't in a tropical place... like how is Nick supposed to pick his future wife without seeing them in a bikini one last time? 

Raven gets the first date in Finland, and (of course) it starts with a helicopter.

Then the duo plays darts in a local pub (so #relatable), and Raven says she can imagine spending the rest of her life with Nick.

Nothing says romance like talking about who is going to do the laundry. 

The conversation takes a turn when Raven tells Nick she is nervous about the fantasy suite. 

I've never had an orgasm before... and it could go there with Nick today.


In her interview, she reveals that she has never had an orgasm before, and she thinks it's because she didn't trust her last boyfriend. Why she trusts Nick (when he is still dating two other women), I'll never understand.

Raven tells Nick that she loves him. It's not surprising that she dropped an L-bomb, but it is surprising that she decided to do it when he was wearing that sweater.

Nick's turtleneck

She goes on a long rant about how her dad always wanted her to find an "easy love," so you know he is cringing watching her on this show. 

Raven immediately takes a gulp of wine after their conversation, so it turns out that she's a girl after my own heart.

Nick gives Raven the fantasy suite invitation, and she accepts. Nick turns a shade of bright red when Raven tells him she's only been with one man and has never had an orgasm before. 

Raven is totally going to get a Cosmo column after this episode.

The episode ends with another to be continued because ABC is trying to ruin our lives.

It should also been noted that Nick was announced as one of the contestants on Dancing With The Stars tonight, so you know he's taking his new relationship post-show very seriously.

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