Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 18 Review: Handle With Care

It was an hour of non-stop banter going down a bumpy road.

Yes, once again, Danny and McGarrett had an unceasing cargument under the most trying of Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 18.

Treacherous Terrain - Hawaii Five-0

McGarrett's crime: he read a scrap of paper left out on Danny's desk. Danny saw this as a violation of his space, and McGarrett naturally disagreed, all in front of a bemused tactical-teamwork training class.

Danny: You invaded my privacy. I have a right to be upset, OK?
McGarrett: It's not snooping if something is out in the open. That's the rule.
Danny: There's no rule.
McGarrett: Are you serious? If it's not hidden, it's not forbidden. You've never heard of that?
Danny: No, I've never heard of it, because you just made it up.

Underneath all this bluster is an unspoken affection, a bromance between the two men. That makes it all the funnier.

As Danny's "work wife," McGarrett was offended that Danny would even think about retirement at such a young age, especially without consulting with him first.

Tricky Mission - Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 18

Adding to the verbal sparring between the two was the tension caused by the fact that, you know, they had to somehow defuse a dirty bomb in the middle of nowhere with no tools and little knowledge.

Danny: Just so I'm clear, you want to drive a truck with a dirty bomb made out of uranium and TNTP, which you personally told me is the most unstable explosive on the planet, through this jungle on, to say the least, uneven terrain. That's what you've come up with?
McGarrett: We're going to drive real slow.
Danny: I'll find the keys.

McGarrett was absolutely MacGyver-ish in his solutions to problems they encountered. Plugging a hole in the fuel line with rubber from the floor mat melted with a flare; using a battery as lead shielding; employing wood from the truck body as a bridge to cross a stream; you know the drill.

Creating a Path - Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 18

I'm looking forward to that March 10 crossover with MacGyver even more now that I know McGarrett can improvise on the fly with something other than firearms.

It's hard to believe that their shot-up sat phone was the only line of communication in that whole camp. How were the terrorists communicating with the outside world?

Then again, the bullets were flying fast and furious, so probably the terrorists' radio or whatever got ruined, as well. I mean, there was no one left alive to volunteer any information.

Once again, just like during the quickly ended Mexican standoff in Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 12, a few Five-0 dispatched a numerically superior force in short order. It must be the element of surprise. Or magic bullets. Or one healthy suspension of disbelief.

Just like the Indians in the old Westerns, in less enlightened times.

I don't blame Danny for whining because McGarrett does place him in some highly untenable situations (like skydiving into the unknown). But Danny also comes off like a kvetching Jewish grandmother, which is too bad.

In hockey terms, McGarrett and Danny were the first and second stars. Since Chin, Kono and Grover spent the hour being about a beat behind, they were largely non-factors.

So the third star goes to everyone's favorite informant, Sang Min, who Noelani had the privilege of meeting as she was patching him up. He even hit on her, as "Spicy" Kono is now a married woman.

Don't worry about it, baby. You're with Five-0 now. We make our own rules.

Sang Min [to Noelani]

Another ex-con who thinks he's part of the team. Oh, well, they can come in handy sometimes.

Now what was the wisdom of taking an injured Sang Min back to his own apartment? Since he was already somewhat involved in at best questionable activity, shouldn't he have been protected just a bit? Instead, Abati (Darius Rucker) easily locates and abducts him. Think Abati told him "Only Want to Be With You"?

So now the big questions, which certainly won't be answered by next week's encore presentation: Who's behind the plot to bomb Five-0? Is it Nadim Tahan, who was mentioned and quickly disappeared? Or is there a bigger conspiracy in play?

After all, for a state police force, Five-0 has pissed off baddies all over the globe, so the possibilities are pretty wide open. I mean, they aren't just writing speeding tickets. They're taking down entire criminal organizations.

On, and what's up with Alicia Brown? The storyline from Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 17 didn't even deserve a mention in passing. And with MacGyver coming to Honolulu March 10, it may be a while until we get back to it.

To get your fix during this brief hiatus, watch Hawaii Five-0 online.

Did you enjoy Sang Min's visit? How about the jousting between McGarrett and Danny? Who do you think is behind the bomb? Comment below.

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