Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Parabatai Lost

Jace cannot catch a break! He may be one of the unluckiest characters so far this season. We need to admit that he might be cursed.

On Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 3, Jace ends up in another bad situation after escaping his last one. Why even bother escaping? Everyone still wants a piece of him.

Trouble Follows - Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 3

I'm glad he finally came to his senses and escaped the ship. Valentine was messing with his head and would've turned him into a monster, regardless if he is Jonathan or not. The real world suits him better.

Does this mean Valentine still has the Mortal Cup? I'm pretty sure he does. It didn't look like Jace and Clary had enough time on Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 2 to steal it before spontaneously escaping. And neither had it back on land this episode.

In hindsight, they probably should've done that to gain favor with the Clave. Victor Aldertree was determined to capture Jace, and with him now in custody, Aldertree might try to execute him. I don't foresee that happening, but they'll need something to stop him.

Patience Thinning - Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 3

Even though Jace was having a seriously bad day, I'm glad we got to explore outside of the Shadowhunters bubble with new places and people. The writers showcased areas in New York City, like the hospital, and introduced a new character that was teased pre-season.

As the Shadowhunters execs revealed before, Maia is the badass werewolf bartender who will cause conflict for some of the cast.

True to their foreshadowing, she was cool, and she was dangerous. Even down to the opening line, it was a nice contrast for how she was introduced (the cool girl) to who she became later on (the deadly werewolf).

Maia: Well, you look like you could use a drink...and a towel.
Jace: Just...umm...just your phone?
Maia: I would ask what happened to yours, but I guess it got wet.
Jace: It's a long story.
Maia: Well I'm stuck here all night and I hear Shadowhunters like to hear themselves talk. What? You didn't think I wouldn't recognize those runes on the back of your neck?

I like her as a new character. I don't think she's evil or will cause too many problems for the group; she was merely hunting down a possible killer. And she'll be a fun familiar face who can dish out honest-to-truth doses of reality. Bartenders – supernatural or not – strangely have that ability...

Meeting Maia - Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 3

What did you think of Hunter's Moon? (Was this Hunter's Moon?!) I tried looking for signs but couldn't locate anything to confirm this.

Hunter's Moon was another of the big new additions teased for the show – it's supposed to be the place where the cast would visit often this season.

It looked like any other bar in a city; I couldn't tell the difference. I'm believing it is since Maia was working behind the bar and there were other werewolves at the venue to fight Jace. If this was, in fact, Hunter's Moon, I'm excited to see what secrets this place hides and see which other Downworlders visit the bar.

Speaking of Downworlders, poor Simon! He deserves a drink from Hunter's Moon just as much as Jace. (Not blood, but something in a nice relaxing variety.)

Simon has had an interesting direction this season. Instead of going with the punches like last year, he's become the punching bag instead. He's not adjusting to life well as a vampire.

You know it. I know it. Raphael knows it.

Raphael: We are your family now.
Simon: And what? I'm just supposed to forget my mom?
Raphael: Your mom...your mom will grow old while you stay the same. And eventually she will be gone. Sooner or later, even your memories of her will fade, whether you want them to or not.
Simon: No, that won't happen, not to me.
Raphael: Keep telling yourself that.

Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 3 is the first time we see the sadness crack through Simon's jokes. There's something in his eyes and smile; he seems genuinely sad and at a loss. It is similar to Clary finding her place last week.

Alberto Rosende has done a good job with Simon's new focus. He's matured the character from the lovelorn sidekick from last year; though, he's still a goofball. You could tell in the chat with Clary that all he wants to do is go home and be with his mother.

Simon: Anything?
Clary: Sorry, I'm still figuring out this tracking stuff. You know Isabelle says I need to clear my mind, but it's kinda hard to be zen when you're a Shadowhunter.
Simon: If only I had check in, called her once in a while instead of totally avoiding her.
Clary: Well, maybe it's worth telling her the truth?
Simon: What?! Come out of the coffin? Do you have any idea how she would react?
Clary: Well, there's only one way to find out.

I don't think Simon will tell his mother he's a vampire for a while; Raphael needs Simon to find Camille. On the other hand, this side storyline with the potential vampire civil war is proving interesting. (We NEED to see that fight happen!) Who do you think would win: Raphael or Camille?

Finding Jace - Shadowhunters

Camille may still be hiding, but we did end the three episode arc of the "finding Jace" storyline. It took longer than expected, but he's back. And better yet, he saved Alec. (Yay!)

Let's get this out of the way: I didn't expect Alec to die.

Alec seems integral to the story; though, twists have happened before and can be surprising. It was an intense climax to the storyline and the special effects of Magnus performing the spells to save him, as well as the touching moment of him giving a Sleeping Beauty kiss, were a nice touch to the episode.

The real gifts, however, were the flashbacks.

Seeing Alec and Jace meeting for the first time, and him debating whether to be parabatais, adding more depth to their history. Back on Shadowhunters Season 1, it seemed straightforward that Alec/Jace were best friends and one had hidden feelings for the other. But apparently it wasn't always that way.

Isabelle: All these years of training and you're just going to call it off? Are you nuts?! I mean...the only time that actually happens is when somebody falls in love with...oh.
Alec: Don't say another word.
Isabelle: I get it.
Alec: No, you don't.
Isabelle: Okay, maybe I don't. I know you're obnoxious and stubborn...
Alec: I hope you're going somewhere with this?
Isabelle: But you're also loyal, and honest, and a big ol' softy when you stop worrying about what people are thinking about you. One day somebody is going to love you heart and soul. If you walk away from Jace, you might never find another parabatai. Is that really a risk you're willing to take?

Also, we can't forget, however, that Isabelle was awesome even at a young age! She called out her brother on his thinking and was already mastering her Shadowhunter weapon. She may have to clean up everyone's messes occassionally, but Isabelle has got this.

What did you think of "Parabatai Lost"? Will Raphael try to kill Simon's mother? What does Aldertree have planned now that he has captured Jace?

If you missed the latest episode of Shadowhunters, you can watch Shadowhunters online via TV Fanatic. Come back to let us know what you think.

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