Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 9 Review: The Brother

HOLY S%#&! 

Did anyone see the "secret family" revelation coming? 

It's as common a trope as anything, especially when you have a wealthy family involved, and yet I was as blindsided as poor Eric!

Many of the pieces started clicking together like a  jig-saw puzzle on Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 9, especially when it came to John Warner.

Surrounded by Liars - Secrets and Lies

Eric Warner was having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

It was almost laughable to count all the bombs that were dropped in this hour.

We've been waiting all season to make sense of half the things that they've thrown our way. I still maintain that there was too much going on, but I'm at least grateful that they got around to explaining why we were presented with certain storylines that seemed pointless.

And it seriously has only been THREE WEEKS since Kate was killed? I loved when the D.A. asked just how long it was going to take Cornell to solve the case, and why didn't she have anything concrete yet. She's been a busy beaver, all over the place, solving every crime but the one she's supposed to be solving.

Eric: My brother's a thief who almost destroyed our company. My half-brother extorted me. My sister-in-law is a pimp,and my father, my father is a bigamist.
Danny: But your wife, she was the real deal.
Eric: Yeah, yes she was. I still don't know who killed her.

I actually chuckled when Eric laid out his entire problematic family, while in the car with Danny. It should have been the tagline for the entire season. His family is something straight out of a soap-opera.

So we finally found out that the blackmailer wasn't John, but rather John's other son! Because of course John Warner had a whole other secret family that the others didn't know about.

How does one manage to have two separate families and two separate lives for forty-something years without no one figuring anything out? It seems impossible! I can understand the Warner children, seeing as they had to deal with essentially fending off their drunk mother and later on, raising themselves. 

But how did Corrine Warner, John's first wife, have no idea that her husband had a whole other wife and family somewhere else? I would have felt badly for "blaming the victim" but her son is an entitled brat, and she tried to shame and guilt Eric into dropping the charges against him. 

Yeah, um, no. A resounding hell no from me Corrine. Screw your son and your awful husband too. The gall of that woman.

You're 43 years old, you still need daddy to wipe your ass?!


John is a colossal jackass, but I loved it when he basically told RB to get over it. 

I have a huge problem with people who can't take responsibility for their own actions, but also with people who can't hold the right people responsible.

Under other circumstances, I would be sympathetic to RB's plight. His father made a butt-load of money and lived the good life, along with his other kids, and he and his mom were left with the simple suburban life. 

It's not like he was left in squalor and his father didn't give a damn about him! Half the time his father was still right there! Despite the money, he probably had a much more normal and stable life than his half-siblings did.

It's his father's fault that things are the way they are, it certainly isn't Eric's. He didn't do himself any favors or make himself sympathetic at all. Plus, it's implied he was a bit of a screw-up.

While you were off playing house with wife number one, we were dealing with drunk, abusive wife number two.


A small part of me really feels for Mrs. Warner #2. She married a man that she didn't know. John used her trust fund to start his business and become successful, and she, well, we don't know just why exactly she ended up as troubled as she was.

We do know that she was a horrible and abusive drunk.

The moment Patrick begin opening his mouth about the whole situation with Eric pushing his mother down the stairs, I sighed. Patrick is such an insufferable character. In fact, he and RB would probably get along swimmingly.

Given the history we were told, I figured that Eric pushing his mother would have most likely been a situation of self-defense, and as usual, Patrick with his head in the clouds, was oblivious to it all. 

I want to sympathize with him, because it isn't entirely uncommon for a kid to block out or repress memories. So I get that to him, his mother was everything, and he just doesn't recall how tough things were or the effects on his older siblings. He's just so bullheaded about it though.

And Eric, he's the one that got stuck raising his siblings. He's the one who had to take care of the family while his father was away with his other family. Eric has every right to be the most upset about this development more than anyone else.

I know who. I just need to know why.


So according to the latest bit of evidence and the very funny lab tech, one of the suspects gave the police a completely new set of clothes and dumped the clothes he or she was wearing on the night of the murder.

Cornell apparently knows who killed Kate now. Do you? Because I'm still not sure! My head is still spinning from all this other stuff. 

Was it just me, or was this episode funnier than usual? There were so many witty lines and sarcastic quips, I found myself chuckling on more than one occasion. Snarky Eric Warner is probably my favorite Eric Warner, and Danny had some great ones too. 

Were you shocked to find out that John had another family? What did you think of RB? Who do you think killed Kate? 

Stay tuned for Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 10, and don't forget you can still watch Secrets and Lies online here on TV Fanatic.

Jasmine Blu is a senior staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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