Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Jingle Bell Glock

Sometimes holidays are not so happy. especially when you've recently lost a loved one. Showing good cheer can be a chore when you're screaming with pain inside.

It's something Riggs has to face on Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 9 as he and Murtaugh investigate a homicide that may have links to MIranda's death.

Christmases Past - Lethal Weapon

What makes it even worse for Riggs is that Christmas has extra special meaning for him. He met Miranda on Christmas. He learned he was going to be a daddy on Christmas. Who can blame the guy if he's a little testy around the holidays?

When you lose someone under tragic circumstances like Riggs did with Miranda, it's sometimes hard to accept the death as is.

Was it really an accident? Was there something he could have done to prevent it? I speak from personal experience, and believe me when I tell you, the thoughts haunt nonstop for quite a while.

It's only been a year since Riggs lost MIranda, and though the show never really dwelled on whether Miranda's death was or wasn't an accident,  this hour the idea that her death may have not been an accident did come into play. 

The worst part of the holiday season is, well...everything.


Once Eddie Flores planted that seed in Riggs' brain, he couldn't let go. How could it have just been an accident? A murder is much more palatable.

It would give Riggs someone to blame. It would help him makes sense of it all. It would allow him to "punish" someone other than himself.

If you remember, Riggs had blamed himself for not being there when Miranda was heading to the hospital to have the baby. The "if game" was deep in his psyche. Flores' involvement in her death would take all that guilt and what ifs away.

It wasn't necessarily clear if the drug cartel was or wasn't involved in her death. The main guy talking to the unknown someone on the phone was interesting. Was the "truth" he told Riggs really the truth? 

I got the feeling that the cartel wasn't involved in Miranda's death. It would make the most sense. 

Still, Riggs looked as disappointed and heartbroken as when Scorsese told him there wasn't conclusive evidence to point to her death not being an accident.

Riggs: He had me believing in things that don't exist.
Avery: It is the time of year for that.

Riggs' backstory pulled at the heartstrings again this hour. I love how Lethal Weapon gives us small doses of details. We're never overwhelmed with information.

What we're given is just enough to tap those sad notes in our souls. It's just enough to make us want to jump into our TV screens and give Riggs all the hugs and love he deserves.

And, it's not all about Riggs.

When Murtaugh walked in on Riggs with that gun under his chin, my heart broke almost as much as it did after seeing the crib mobile in Riggs' storage locker.

Who wants to see someone they care about in so much pain? Murtaugh is a goofball, but he really tries hard to understand what Riggs is going through. Though, he'll never truly understand it (unless he goes through it himself...please no), he deserves credit for trying. 

Did you see how relieved he was when Riggs put the gun down?

And, I loved how protective Murtaugh was of Riggs in Avery's office after dangling Flores over the side of the building. Riggs is like a brother to him, and will do anything to protect him.

But, Avery was pretty cool about it. He understands in the same way Murtaugh does. It's an arms-length understanding, but Avery has as much compassion for Riggs as Murtaugh does. And, I like that.

It was indeed funny that Avery used the case as a way to stay away from his in-laws, but what really held my heart was when he invited Riggs to spend the holiday with him. Even Avery doesn't want to see Riggs alone.

To be honest, I would have loved to have seen Riggs and Avery hang out together. I think it would have been hilarious watching Avery side-mouth insults about his in-laws to Riggs, because that's just how I would see it going down. Maybe one day.

Best Couple - Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 9

We also got to see a moment between Scorsese and Riggs when Riggs handed over the folder. Scorsese was a little taken aback after he realized it was Riggs' wife. I actually felt bad for Scorsese. He was kind of caught in the middle, but I'm glad he took a look even if he wasn't able to give Riggs what he wanted.

The hour wasn't without its humor. The banter between Riggs and Murtaugh is always spot on, and it was even more so this hour when they kept meeting up with Flores. Smiles and tears. That is what this show is all about.

I've said it before, but the chemistry between the characters on this show is fantastic. Sometimes, you have to wonder if you're really watching a TV show. The way things happen in the Lethal Weapon universe when it comes to relationships is so very real.

Trish and the kids are a very big part of making those feelings happen. The Murtaugh's are such a healthy TV family, and I love that they always want to include Riggs. 

It would have been easy for them to have just invited Riggs over. They probably knew he'd say no, so for them to have piled in their car and gone over to Riggs' place really shows how much he means to them.

And, I'm going to be my bottom dollar that it was Trish who came up with the idea. She's just that type of caring, compassionate, and kick-ass woman (and she did kick some ass this hour!) 

So, what did you all think? Did Lethal Weapon give you all the feels you were looking for in a mid-season finale? Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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