The Last Man on Earth Season 3 Episode 6 Review: The Open-Ended Nature of Unwitnessed Deaths

A lot of characters were dealing with some pretty heavy feelings on The Last Man on Earth Season 3 Episode 6.

Lewis misses his partner, Mark, Carol misses her mom, and Gail lets us in on a sad secret from her past.

Carol Needs a Favor - The Last Man on Earth

The episode starts off with Tandy trying to apologize to Lewis through song. He does that thing where he hits the guitar like a drum, rather than actually strumming it. Lewis is especially down today because it would have been his anniversary with Mark.

Carol wants Gail to be her baby's grandmother. Gail  assumes she's only asking because of her age and it's a no from her.

Really though, the same things I love about Gail -- the love of wine, speaking her mind, not giving a crap -- aren't really the qualities you want in a grandmother.

Tandy wants to drive to Seattle to see if Mark is there but can't convince Lewis so he does what no reasonable person would do -- tazes him and throws him in the car. 

Carol isn't ready to give up on Gail so she creates a book of "Grannies You'll Want to Get in Their Panties."

I was seriously nervous when she told us the title but I do love Carol's drawings and these didn't disappoint. Goldie Hawn really is what all grandma's should aspire to be.

Lewis and Tandy make it to Seattle. Lewis gets emotional as he walks into the house he once shared with his partner.

As unaware as ever, Tandy sneaks up on him from behind causing Lewis to think he's Mark. Can you imagine the hope he felt in that moment? So heartbreaking.

Carol is back with more crazy requests. Now she wants to Gail to adopt her in order to be the baby's grandmother. This is actually completely in character for Carol who insisted Tandy marry her before they got pregnant. Gail thinks it's ridiculous.

Gail: Don’t you think adoption papers are a little bit unnecessary?
Carol: I would agree with you 100% on opposite day.

They immediately start fighting like mother and daughter which I loved despite the fact that I totally saw it coming. Carol nailed the whiny, dramatic teenager and I should know because I was one myself.

Back in Seattle, Lewis opens a bottle of champagne he was saving for his and Mark's anniversary. He really wants Tandy to know he  has no hope that Mark is alive. Tandy is genuinely upset and explains why its so important he leave a note.

I have a story about leaving a note. I was going to kill myself. I was going to drive into a rock. I don’t know why but I looked up and saw this plume of smoke and it was Carol. She saved me and the only reason that Carol showed up there was because of those signs. Those alive in Tucson signs. The signs that I was positive nobody would ever see.

Tandy Miller

Todd is looking for Melissa and finds her at Shawshank prison. If you remember from season one, Shawshank Redemption is her favorite movie. Some strange sexual role play occurs during which "Andy" and "Red" talk about making a baby together.

Todd is still concerned about Melissa's mental health and this is not making him feel any better.

So let's get busy getting busy or get busy dying.


Gail goes to find Carol and apologize. Carol is still acting childish and tries to force Gail to sign the papers. I loved how she angrily mumbled under her breath. At her wits end, Gail finally admits she had a son and he died. Not from the virus which somehow makes it worse.

Lewis left a note for Mark and seems to be relatively happy about it. He hopes he'll get lucky like Tandy did with Mike.

Tandy finally realizes he has to know what happened with his brother. Thank you, I've been wondering myself and holding out hope that we'll see Jason Sudeikis again.

Carol apologizes to Gail and says it was more about her missing her mom. She gets sentimental and tells Gail she loves her. I was pleasantly surprised when Gail said it back. It was a sweet moment as we rarely see the soft side of Gail.

I loved the frames on the wall back at Tandy's childhood home. For Mike, there's a 1st place track and field certificate, a picture of him with President Obama, and a newspaper clipping from when he saved a family from a burning car.

For Tandy, there is an "I ate a 10 pound burrito" picture from Marie's Macho Burrito Challenge. Didn't everybody's parents have these kind of walls growing up? Didn't we all try to hide them when our friends came over?

Tandy goes to Mike's room but can't bring himself to open the door so he leaves a note.

This was a pretty heavy, grief-filled episode. Dealing with the death of loved ones doesn't appear to be any easier in an apocalypse.

Were you surprised Gail was a mom? Do you think Mike is still alive? What about Mark?

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