Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 9 Review: Confessions

It felt like everyone had confessions to make on Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 9, and they all had their consequences.

The latent romance between Jamie and Eddie continued to be an issue between them, and it’s obvious that they’re going to have to come to some sort of decision sooner rather than later. 

Wedding Guests - Blue Bloods

Perhaps attending a wedding together wasn’t the best way to stick to being just partners, because a few drinks and a fancy dress seemed to heighten all of the feelings that Jamie has been trying to suppress.

There’s no doubt that Jamie was the one who started that fight. He was surly throughout the wedding, but was it because he felt he had to keep his hands off his partner, or was it because another man wanted his hands on her? 

Even when the guy grabbed Eddie on the dance floor, it didn’t appear as though she couldn’t handle the situation. I saw no reason for Jamie to feel he had to run to her rescue. Instead of dealing with his feelings, Jamie tried to bury them and in turn ruined a friend’s wedding, leaving several hundred dollars of cake all over the floor.

But it was Jamie’s invitation at the end that confused me. 

As much as I loved the final scene of their dancing, and especially how Eddie poked fun at him for the venue…

Eddie: This place?
Jamie: What?
Eddie: Jamie, people are dancing here. You don't like dancing.

The way she said that line made me laugh. Eddie is so good at chiding Jamie in the most playfully sarcastic way…but back to the dancing, and the conversation with this Blue Bloods quote

Eddie: Do you ever think about what we might be missing out on?
Jamie: Yup. Do you ever think what we might be giving up?
Eddie: Yup.

He asks Eddie to get all dressed up and takes her out to dance but he doesn’t kiss her?!? I’m guessing he meant this pseudo-date as some sort of apology for his behavior at the wedding, but come on! How can he slow dance with her, talk about their potential relationship and still not kiss her? 

All I can say is that this better be leading to an amazing culmination of their story, or I’ll be horribly disappointed. 

Now that I’ve gotten the budding love story out of our way, on with the rest of the drama.

When Father Phil came to Frank, but refused to tell him where to find the missing 15-year-old, I kept wondering why he showed up at all. I understand that he took a sacred oath, but wasn’t telling Frank even what little he did considered breaking it?

Henry thought it was shameful of Frank to ask the priest to break his oath to save a life, and as much as I appreciated Henry’s feelings on the subject (I’d really never thought of the confessional as a burden until he put it quite that way), I thought it would have been shameful if Frank didn’t do everything humanly possible to find that kid.

I found Frank’s conversation with the ArchBishop very interesting. First, why does the church have surveillance video? Second, would it be perceived differently if a mosque or a temple were being asked to turn over their video, even though they are all religious entities and should be viewed as equals under the law. 

Finally, was the Arch Bishop assuming that this was about terrorism, or about finding a pedophile in his parish? As Frank himself said, oh the times we live in. 

A Secret Life - Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 9

Elsewhere, Danny and Baez’s investigation into Lindsay’s murder took some unexpected turns. 

I swear, no matter how many years I spend in this city, it's always got another crazy surprise up its sleeve.


So, Lindsay had two cell phones because she was working as a high-priced call girl for kicks and Gordon wanted to buy her services exclusively for $100,000. 

When Gordon’s attorney was asking for discretion because Gordon was happily married, I had to laugh. I think mine and the attorney’s definitions of “happily married” vary greatly. 

And as Baez put it so succinctly…

Baez: If your client didn't want his wife to know he was a creep, then he shouldn't have been such a creep.
Danny: You can't really argue with that.

As interesting as the twists in the case were, I had the husband pegged as the murderer from the moment we met him. He was too quick to hand over Lindsay’s cell phone, like he had something to hide, and who calls the police because their wife is half an hour late for dinner?

Of course the highlight of the hour was the Reagan family dinner, where we found out that everyone in the family has done some sort of time in the slammer, whether it be a few hours in holding or time in the brig. But my favorite was when Erin realized that her father had let her spend a night in lockup in Asbury Park, NJ as a teenager.

Frank Reagan has always believed in a healthy dose of tough love. Considering the family he has around that dinner table, it’s obviously worked out well for him. 

Check back in two weeks for my review of Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 10 and if you can’t wait to see more of the Reagans, you can watch Blue Bloods online here at TV Fanatic. 

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