The Exorcist Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Chapter Four: The Moveable Feast

Casey Rance is finally going to get the help she needs.

No thanks can go (directly) to the Catholic Church and medical science most definitely won't get a nod. 

On The Exorcist Season 1 Episode 4, Casey was on a 51/50 psychiatric hold so she could be evaluated to find out what the heck was going on. That was a total bust.

Targeting the Innocent - The Exorcist

Angela called in the only person she thought might be able to help, Father Tomas, who felt his hands were tied because the Church wouldn't give him permission to deliver to Casey the sacrament she so desperately needed.

Thankfully, Marcus was out cruising about (literally) getting his mojo back.

He took a bus tour of all the serial killers (maybe hauntings...not quite sure) that had gone down in Chicago to connect with someone who might be able to share more information, or at least back him up, on his theories about what the masked dudes were doing when they killed nine people and took their organs.

Lester: How do you know Bennett?
Marcus: He excommunicated me.
Wife: Must have been onto something big. That's when they come for you.

They all got along swimmingly, and in short order, his suspicions were confirmed. They're doing a summoning. Vocare Pulvare, the Ceremony of Ash. Lester also mentioned that the time is ripe because evil is a moveable feast.

Chicago is in the fault line right now because you can consolidate poverty and create cultures of violence. It jumps from one person to the other. Pretty scary stuff.

Marcus also visited Mother Bernadette, and she was a hoot. 

So. Marcus Keane. Father Bennett speaks admiringly of you. What's the phrase he used? He's a pain in my ass.

Mother Bernadette

She reminded him that the gift they share in their ability to put the possessed at ease and vanquish their demons lies not in their attire but inside of them. She invited him to help with her current possessed fellow and Marcus successfully helped the man.

It was what he needed to go back and help Father Tomas.

What I'm still not certain about is what role Mrs. Walters plays in all of this. Father Tomas went to her to try to speak to the Bishop about doing the exorcism. She seemed kind and interested that he do what is right for Casey. My friend believes she's in league with the devil.

After seeing her husband with his tongue cut out, I'm inclined to...continue to wonder what the hell is going on with her. My biggest concern is her desire for Tomas to cash the check. It's almost as if when he does it, she somehow has power over him.

At least Tomas didn't let his desire for Jessica overwhelm him. Right now he has some issues that the demon is going to have a good time with once they're all locked into a room together.

At the hospital, Casey was going through hell. The doctors first thought she was self harming. They never bothered to follow up on that diagnosis despite the fact the burns on her arms were manifesting even worse after she was chained to the bed. 

Casey: You're doing this to me!
Salesman: I was making you perfect.
Casey: You tricked me!

The Salesman seems to need her to accept him inside her with a resounding yes. Didn't she already do that? I get that she's rejecting him now, but he's not exactly the guy he was just two days ago.

Is he a second rate demon or what? I wish I'd had the opportunity to see this episode before NYCC so I could have asked some of these questions, because the demon is confusing me. Why is he harming Casey as a way to get her to accept him? It seems counter productive. 

If he would just make her pretty and make her think everyone was happy, she'd probably be more likely to do what he wants. If I saw the rotting dude in front of me with his torn suit and dirt encrusted fingernails, I'd be doing everything I could to fight him off, too. Then when he tried to kill me? Well, no thank you!

He had to bet on her good heart to get her to say "yes," but he never physically sealed the deal because Angela raced forward and made that connection instead. Judging by the promo for next week, it may not have mattered, but it was a good effort.

The other thing I noticed is that Henry is generally in fine health and Kat is no longer depressed. Has Casey absorbed their problems as a part of her possession? Will the demon try to get to them again now that she's going to be under attack? 

And what about the fellows out there getting ready to summon the other demon? And the Pope's arrival? And Mrs. Walters? There are a lot of dots to connect. What are your thoughts on how they'll connect?

We're just entering the half way mark and the exorcism is already on the table. This is about to get as unreal as possible. Who can't wait?! 

Share your thoughts on what's next below. And if I've made any mistakes above, please forgive me. If I could exorcise the cold I have (that has tonight overtaken one of my eyes) I'd be calling both Father Tomas and Marcus right now. I look possessed, I tell you.

Make sure you watch The Exorcist online to help put together your theories. If you missed the interviews from NYCC, now's your chance to watch!

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