Rosewood Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Eddie & the Empire State of Mind

What great lengths would you go through to help out a friend in need? The test of Rosewood and Villa's friendship was truly showcased throughout Rosewood Season 2 Episode 3.

"Eddie & the Empire State of Mind" is probably my favorite episode of Rosewood thus far. For one, we finally got a glimpse of Eddie Lunez, the love of Annalise Villa's life. Since Eddie's death, Villa's had a difficult time dealing with life. Whenever someone tries to get close to Villa, she shuts down and cuts them off.

Her Husband's Death - Rosewood

It's time I get to start knowing who he really was.


Eddie was a loving man, that wanted nothing but to be a great husband to his wife, Annalise. They often joked about possibly starting a family, and of course, Villa's job as a cop. Eddie was taking away from Villa too soon, and to know he was killed hurt Villa even more.

For the longest, Villa thought an embolism cause his death. Rosie and Villa's trip to NYC discovered Eddie was in more than what he'd bargained for. It was easy to assume Eddie was involved in criminal activity. Heck, even Villa at one point thought so. 

Instead, Eddie took matters into his own hands and tried to take down a dangerous insurance head honcho. Jaecott was running an underground fight club and would administer illegal steroids. Those steroids Jaecott used on fighters were deadly. It was Jaecott's way of rigging a fight to make sure things would go his to way.

Jaecott knew if someone took his lethal steroids, they die. We all know what death means in the eyes of an insurance guru. Cha-ching!

Rosewood: Eddie was trying to protect you.
Agent: And he died doing the right thing.

Eddie discovered what Jaecott was up to and wanted to expose him, without getting his Villa involved. Since Eddie had such a huge heart for doing the right thing, it unfortunately cost Eddie his life. 

Jaecott showed no remorse in Eddie's death. He didn't care that his son Oliver looked up to Eddie as more than just a teacher. Jacecott didn't care that Eddie had a wife at home. All that mattered to Jaecott was that Eddie was trying to cause an interference with his money scheme. That meant he needed Eddie gone, quickly. 

Villa: Rosie, thank you, for doing this. I know your plate is...
Rosewood: Empty, for you.

It wasn't surprising that Rosie was right by Villa's side every step of the way. Rosie took it upon himself to go undercover in the fight club ring to get to the bottom of the Eddie/Jaecott situation.

If Donna knew Rosie got into the fighting ring, with his health situation, she'd throw a fit.

Rosie and Villa have developed a true friendship, and this Eddie thing definitely proved how loyal they are to one another.

Now that Villa finally has closure regarding Eddie, what happens next? Will she and Rosie attempt to take things to the next level?

There's been a lot of build up about their relationship, so hopefully some kind of spark happens between the two again or else all of that sexual chemistry was for nothing. 

I'll always be crazy about you. But T, you gotta let me go so that I can find my way back.


Speaking of chemistry, there's obviously still some lurking between TMI and Pippy. TMI still looks at Pippy as if she can't resist her, and in return, Pippy pushes TMI away. Pippy is definitely doing some soul searching right now, which is always needed when you get your heartbroken.

In due time, Pippy will come back around, but it has to be on her own terms. TMI just needs to understand and give Pippy space to clear her mind.

I'm the Captain. He used to be the Captain.


I'm still on the fence about Capt. Slade. He just rubs me the wrong way and is very shady. How many times will he keep making sly remarks about Hornstock? Once Slade realizes Hornstock isn't going anywhere, and that he needs Hornstock more than Hornstock needs him, he'll most likely lighten up.

So are you team Slade or Hornstock? What will happen now between Rosewood and Villa? Are you happy to have closure on Eddie's death?

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