Notorious Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Tell Me a Secret

Secrets are crazy things.

On Notorious Season 1 Episode 4 it was all about secrets, revelations, and consequences. And, while the case of the hour was quite interesting, it was the ending that made our jaws drop.

Jake Takes the Case - Notorious

Julia was in for a big surprise when she met with Levi after getting a video message from him. I wonder if she wishes she would have gone home instead of back to the office after her purging dinner with Louise?

Would Levi have killed himself anyway if he didn't have an audience? Did he kill himself only because she figured out he was secretly in love with Oscar? Or was he going to do it anyway?

Jake: I think your friendship ended when you started catfishing him, Levi.
Levi: Oh, but you can sleep with his wife and still be his lawyer?

At least he could have done it in a way so she didn't get all the gruesomeness sprayed all over her. I don't think the dry cleaner is going to be able to get those stains out.

I have to admit I was a little surprised that Levi took a gun to himself. I didn't get the feeling that he was so far gone that he felt this was his only way out. The feelings of desperation just weren't there. 

Sure, he was upset at what Oscar said during his interview, but it seemed like he was more angry and frustrated than sad and devastated.

I'm deeply ashamed. I've made my share of mistakes in my life. Trusting Levi was one of them.


He had to know that after everything that happened, things would never be the same between him and Oscar. But, sometimes it's the little things that push people over the edge. Maybe for him, this interview was it. Oscar shut the door, and Levi just couldn't cope.

Despite all that, this is some heavy stuff for Julia to deal with, and drinks with Louise probably won't be able to erase the horribleness of it all from memory.

So, how will she deal with it? Will she spin it into a personal story for the network? Will she keep it a secret?

How will Oscar react? Will Julia tell him Levi was in love with him? What will Jake do? Will he feel guilty for keeping Levi from visiting Oscar in jail?

It's going to be interesting to see how it all plays out.

The case of the hour was an interesting and relevant one. A college player was killed and someone accused loner Dax of the murder using a phone app called "Tell Me a Secret."

Dax has always been different, and honestly, it's easy to say things on the internet when you can be anonymous.


It's crazy to think that this stuff is real, but it is. People can hide behind their computers and phones and say whatever they want about other people whether it's true or not. It can basically destroy someone's life. And, once someone throws the first snowball, the snowballs keep coming because it's easy to join in.

People think there aren't consequences, but there are. In this case, Dax was accused of a murder he didn't commit. He didn't have a clean record, so it was easy to point the finger at the kid. And, that's exactly what Finn did, because Dax committing murder wouldn't have surprised anyone. 

Jake: You blamed it on Dax. Why?
Finn: Because I knew everyone would believe it.

And it was more than just a simple murder. The boy who was murdered was also a victim of bullying. He was hazed by his teammates at the urging of their coach. If he wouldn't have been hazed, he wouldn't have been put in the position he was in that caused one of his best friends to murder him.

It was all a complicated mess that eventually sorted itself out, but the results were still sad and pathetic, because a child was still dead after all was said and done.

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