Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 6 Review: Whistleblowers

There were many shades of grey filling Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 6 as we saw different perspectives on whistleblowing, abuse of power, and even child pornography. 

The case that was the most black and white belonged to Danny and Baez.

A Suspicious Accident - Blue Bloods

I found it remarkably dismaying that Shawn thought he could keep Rebecca as his girlfriend if he told her that he wasn't just a bartender, but a drug dealer.

We never really got to know Rebecca, but was she that mercenary? I’d guess not if she planned to tell Mr. Quinn and then go to the police. 

Frank mentioned that smart can be overrated, but not in Shawn’s case. If he had been smarter maybe he wouldn’t have underestimated Rebecca so badly or put so much trust in his murderous, drug dealing partner. 

The other cases were far more problematic because everyone came at them from a different perspective. 

You say whistleblower, I say rat.


Which was it? Depends upon who you ask. 

The rules of policing are changing. While some wish for the good ole days, others are grateful to see some advancement from old school policies. 

Captain Ward and Officer Carlson were on opposite sides. Is it even possible that two people with such entirely different points of view can find a way to work together? Are the days of policing the way Ward does it over? Will the rules we’ve set forth in 2016 be effective at stopping crime while keeping citizens rights intact? The truth is, no one knows just yet. 

Although I didn’t originally like that Carlson had gone to the Attorney General’s office with his issues, it was hard to deny that he had tried other avenues first; the problem was that no one wanted to listen. 

But my favorite scene from that entire case was the first one, where Garrett practically yelled at Frank to shut the door to his office because Frank was being cranky and sarcastic and what Garrett had to say was important. Sometimes, someone needs to keep even the Commissioner in line. 

The most troubling case for me was Erin’s. 

Egan: I've got two words for you - child pornography.
Erin: What's that supposed to mean?
Egan: Two words that together run neck and neck with child molester as the charges that bring everybody, and I do mean everybody, together.

As much as I felt horrible for what the defendant was going through, she terrified me. The medical experts seemed to concur that her sexual hyperactivity was out of her control and it led her to search out and download hundreds of images of child pornography. 

I understood that it was caused by a brain injury and she had my sympathy, but I’m not sure what that changes. Does she deserve more leeway than someone who was born with the some horrible urges? If she can’t control these impulses, what will keep her from escalating to actually harming a child? 

Was six years too long of a sentence for someone who never actually touched or harmed a child? Perhaps probation and therapy were the proper course of action but I would have liked to have heard if the experts felt that therapy could help. In the end, the general public felt safer locking her up than risking that their children ever cross her path. 

I was also a little confused by Erin’s attitude that the DA not dump a case like this on her. I’ve got to believe that no one loves working on child pornography cases but isn’t that part of the job? Why should Erin get a free pass?

The one person missing from most of this hour was Jamie, but he completely made up for it by giving my favorite Blue Bloods quote when asked if he had a soft spot…

Pit Bulls. They're like ex-boxers in a bar. Everyone taunts them and then acts shocked when they punch back. I always think they get a raw deal, plus they're adorable.


I don’t think I’ve ever loved Jamie Reagan more than I did in that moment. 

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