Masters of Sex Season 4 Episode 2 Review: Inventory

Bill and Virginia have always considered themselves able to see the truth in their clients. However, they may not be as clever as they think they are.

On Masters of Sex Season 4 Episode 2, Bill and Virginia took on the task of working with new associates, but their new colleagues may turn out to be more than they bargained for.

Elsewhere in the episode, Libby finally unleashed her truth to Bill, and Virginia crossed the line with her former therapist. 

New Partners - Masters of Sex

After a fairly dull and slow premiere, we finally got back into the drama. Bill and Virginia thought their idea of hiring new associates was brilliant, but they clearly can't read people.

Nancy and Art are hiding their relationship, and I have no idea why. Are they desperate to work together, but fear their relationship (marriage?) will make others uncomfortable? Or do these two have an agenda that involves Bill and Virginia?

Whatever the reason is, I'm intrigued to see where this storyline is going. It'll be interesting to see how Bill and Virginia react to this lie once it eventually comes out. 

Bill and Virginia are fairly self-absorbed people, so watching Betty, Tessa, and Libby speak their truths was immensely satisfying. Betty has been the unsung hero of that office for years, and rarely gets the credit she deserves.

Like I suspected, Virginia never married Dan, but I never thought Virginia would feel the need to pretend so Bill wouldn't want her anymore. If she's that terrified of Bill knowing the truth, she should look a little deeper into why she would remain around someone like that.

Of course Betty figured something was off with Virginia's supposed marriage, but she was gracious enough to keep the information to herself. All she asked for was a little acknowledgement of the hard work she has put into the clinic. 

As for Tessa, she may be one of the more annoying teenagers on television, but I'm glad she was blunt with her mother. Virginia acts like just because she's the adult that she's knows better.

That's utter nonsense considering the choices she's made. Tessa has every right to go live with her father if he'll provide a more stable, healthy home life. 

Then there was Libby and her phenomenal monologue that had me clapping and cheering. Bill was stunned by the news that Libby had her own affairs, but that just shows how little attention he paid his wife over the years.

Do you really think all those years that I just sat here making lunches and vacuuming the carpets while you were working late? First, there was Robert. You remember Robert, Coral's brother. The first time we didn't even make it to the bedroom. He took me right there on the kitchen floor. Anybody walking by could have seen us. I wanted him so badly it didn't even matter. Then there was Paul. There is not a room in this house where Paul and I didn't make love. Certainly there was this room. Every inch of it really. There was the rug, up against the bar, on this sofa. Paul wanted to marry me, take me away. The kids too. I should've gone. I should've gone. So, if you want to feel sorry for someone, I would suggest feeling sorry for yourself.


I was so proud of Libby for finally standing up for herself. She remained a victim of her marriage for far too long. She went out and found whatever happiness she could get since Bill was too busy longing for a life with Virginia.

Libby has slowly been reclaiming ownership of her identity, and realizing there is more to her life than having the perfect family. This speech was long overdo, but incredibly satisfying. 

Bill's assurance of how brilliant he is has vanished, and it's about time. The same can't be said for Virginia, who acted so appallingly in this episode.

Virginia wanted to prove a point to Dr. Madden, but she went about it in such a vindictive way. Virginia is crazy to think it would be okay to work with her former therapist. It was even crazier to sleep with him just to prove the hypocrisy of the situation.

I'm not saying she didn't have a point. Dr. Madden was hypocritical for sleeping with her, but he looked so distraught over the line he crossed. Virginia took that moment to hold up a mirror to a man she had no business crushing. 

I lost all respect for Bill during Season 3, and now it looks like I'm about to lose all respect for Virginia. I just want to see if Bill and Virginia can redeem themselves, if the possibility even exists. 

So over to you guys! What did you make of Nancy and Art? Are you proud of Libby for finally telling Bill how she really felt? Do you think Virginia acted cruelly or was just showing Dr. Madden how wrong he was?

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