From Dusk Till Dawn: The Importance of Kate Fuller (Exclusive Photos)

From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Episode 4 features Amar going after Scott, as well as her second showdown with Freddie, Seth, and Richie.

It's going to be a painful hour, and it's all because of Kate and her relationship with all of these characters.

Before we discuss the brilliance that is Kate/Amaru being this season's big bad, let's reflect on just how much of a role Kate has played in Seth, Richie, and Scott's lives.

Keeping the peace - From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Episode 4

Season one Katie-cakes was the goody two shoes preacher's daughter who was excited for her senior year of high school. What she thought was going to be a quick family vacation spent bickering with her dad and brother turned out to be something completely different.

When Richie and Seth first meet Kate, she and her family are a means to an end. The Ranger is on their tail, and Richie and Seth need a way to Mexico, and the Fullers have an RV that's just perfect for sneaking across the border in.

Within minutes of knowing her, Seth made sure to let Kate know that everything will be okay. Sure, he took her family hostage, but Seth didn't want any harm to come to her. 

This protective instinct continued all throughout season one. Whether it was shielding Kate from culebras or just standing up for her honor whenever creepy guys hit on her. 

There's something about Kate that brought out the humanity in Seth, and he knew it. There was no other reason why a seasoned criminal would worry so much about a hostage.

This connection and/or need to protect her was the reason why Seth agreed to drive off with Kate at the end of season one.

Bumps and Scrapes

Season one for Richie was a tough time. His mind was playing tricks on him courtesy of Santanico. Richie was never really sure what was real, what he could trust.

In the RV, Kate developed a connection with Richie. She got him to take her hand and pray.

When she first reached for his hand, Richie literally backed away from Kate, even though he was the one holding the gun on her and not the other way around.

Kate got Richie to trust her. There's no other way to explain why he put away his gun and closed his eyes.

Prayer - From Dusk Till Dawn

It's amazing at how quickly Richie began to trust her, and Kate kept showing him how much she trusted him as well -- I mean you really gotta trust a guy to let him throw a knife at your head.

In season two, Kate shed her preacher's daughter image. She spent three months on the run with a criminal pulling jobs and living in sketchy motel rooms. 

Kate and Seth took care of each other. They were partners.

Partners - From Dusk Till Dawn

The two of them were all each other had, and they were both dealing with the aftermath of the Twister and what it had cost them. They bonded. There's no other word for it.

Seth still worried about Kate and protected her from culebras that he viewed as a threat. I mean he staked a guy for bringing her towels and checking up on her multiple times a week, and Seth instantly hated Rafa, Kate's culebra friend/boyfriend.

Amaru and Scott - From Dusk Till Dawn

Kate's main goal in season two was to help Scott, who was left behind in the Twister after recently being turned into a culebra.

Unlike Seth, Kate accepted that her brother was now a culebra, and she began to research alternative ways of feeding, so that Scott wouldn't have to kill to survive. She wanted to save him, but Scott had no desire to be saved. 

It didn't matter what Scott did, how many lives he took, Kate never stopped fighting for him. She died trying to save Scott and that fact has to weigh heavily on him.

Trusting Scott - From Dusk Till Dawn

Richie, in season two, was focused on power. He wanted the keys to the kingdom, and he didn't care who he screwed over to get it.

When Malvado brought in Kate, however, Richie had to noticeably change his tone of voice when he spoke to her in order to try to prevent Malvado from discovering how much he cared about her.

Richie went out of his way to try to save Kate because he cares about her more than he wants to admit. He even tried to turn her in her final moments at the blood well.

Protecting Kate From Dusk Till Dawn

Kate plays an essential role in the world of From Dusk Till Dawn. She gave everyone her love, even when they didn't deserve it or didn't reciprocate it.

Kate has made an impact on everyone's lives. She died trying to save the people she loved.

This is why Amaru (in Kate's body) being the big bad of the season is amazing. Kate's death alone shook people to their core, and now everyone will have to deal with their enemy, Amaru, being in Kate's body. 

Jaguar Warriors - From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Episode 4

It's hard enough to defeat the Queen of Xibalba. It's even harder when she looks like Kate, and there's a chance that Kate can be saved. 

Amaru wields so much more power over the Geckos, Scott, and Freddie than she realizes because of the body that she's in. These guys are the ones who are going to try to stop her from bringing forth Xibalba, and Amaru has an advantage because she can use Kate to weaken them. 

Simply seeing Kate again has already wreaked havoc on Seth and Richie. Seeing her again instantly makes them think about her death, and the role they both played in it. Psychologically, the Geckos are in for a hell of a ride this season.

Scott's reunion with his sister will be especially painful considering their rocky history. Hopefully, once Scott realizes what's going on, he'll join forces with Freddie and the Geckos to try to save his sister and stop Amaru.

I just need more of Scott with the Geckos. They bring me joy.

While we know that Kate's still in there, everyone else doesn't. Whenever they do find out, it will be interesting to see how and if their plan of attack changes. 

Considering the number of times that Kate tried to save them, I know Scott, the Geckos, and Freddie are going to try to save Kate.

She's done so much for them, it wouldn't feel right if they abandoned her in her hour of need. Kate never gave up on any of them.

By the looks of these exclusive photos from From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Episode 4, Amaru is going after Scott with every thing that she has.

Don't forget to tune into From Dusk Till Dawn on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on El Rey Network.

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