Zoo Season 2 Episode 11 Review: The Contingency

Was anybody else wondering about the titular contingency from Zoo Season 2 Episode 11?

I sure didn't expect it to be General Davies' contingency. He's a bad man who I expect to meet an equally bad end.

My preference of ending for the jackass would be by jackass bite as the gasses fall from the sky. Hey, the animals are not stupid, General. Hopefully they're not only sussing out your disdain for them, they're also ready to pluck you right out of your happy place on the planet to pay for your grave sins against all creatures.

Animal Attack - Zoo

Mitch, Jamie and Allison were hoping to witness the vote that would stop the gas.

Essentially, the Russian was ready to see all of this madness come to an end. He had even brought his daughter to witness history and meet the people who would be responsible for saving the animals so she could ride a horse again.

But nothing is ever that simple, is it?

Something had to happen to throw Jamie and Mitch back into each other's circles. 

Grodd on Zoo

That there is Grodd. The last we saw of him on The Flash, he was on his own world or something, going off to live with his own kind. Imagine if General Davies decided to use the mutant gorilla by thrusting him into a hotel lobby with a bunch of other friends.

I thought it was just the gorilla. Apparently not. The gorilla would have been an easy target because he was satisfied killing people one by one on top of the elevator in which the Russian, Jamie and Mitch were trapped. They thought they were saving the day keeping the Gorilla encased in the shaft. 

Not so much.

They emerged to find 15 total dead, including the sweet little girl who just wanted to ride a horse again. So much for voting against the gas. Gee, I wonder who might have had a stake in that particular vote?

So, now we want to see Davies ripped apart by animals. Right? Right.

Dariela: Sometimes it's hard to find just the right moment to share a secret.
Abe: Keeping secrets are just another type of lie. That's not the way you treat someone you love.
Dariela: Right. Coffee?

Back on the plane, Jackson and Robert were back, just before Dariela was ready to tell Abe about her pregnancy. Timing is everything!

Jackson and Robert were going through all kinds of father and son stuff, and a lot of it was painful, both physically and emotionally.

Before anybody was really ready to trust Robert, Jackson went all mutated human and Robert pulled out a large gym bag.

Zoo Badger

Oh heeeeey! Honey Badger kind of jumped out and spit at Dariela, which Robert didn't think to consider might be bad for her until later when she passed out. But, for an hour or more, it was killing her baby. With Badger acid spit.

That's how he was curing Jackson. The guy is like Frankenstein with the crap he's willing to inject into his family.

But the the bottom line is the way he remembers Jackson's life and the way Jackson remembers it are a lot different. 

Not every family knows how to share their truth. It doesn't make their love a lie.


In fact, Robert came off a lot more like his smug character on Thirtysomething than a rotten father, and it seemed like the right idea to give him the benefit of the doubt. Especially because he's going to ship everyone off to Pangea to fix the world!

But what formula did he email General Davies, because it's obviously not one that will gas all the animals and kill them. So how will it anger Davies and will it buy enough time so if they do decide to follow up with the other formula, the follow-up won't do damage?

That was a little bit confusing, but a lot about Zoo is normally confusing in one way or another.

Allison took off, telling Mitch she can't deny what she sees in his eyes when he looks at Jamie, but she also thinks they'll destroy each other. Do they really want to do anything other than that?

Jamie: You know, when we can manage to be...civil...we still make a pretty good team.
Mitch: Yeah, but where's the fun in that?

It's kind of hard to tell sometimes, isn't it? They were working well together, but maybe there was a reason they never made it past a certain point in their flirtation. I suppose we'll find out on Zoo Season 2 Episode 12 or Zoo Season 2 Episode 13 which is a double header acting as our season finale.

If not, we'll carry it with us into Zoo Season 3, which sounds just fine with me. What are the odds we'll lose another team member before the next season? I'm really not up for that. Are you?

What are your hopes for the finale? Hit the comments with thoughts on the crazy animal activities on "The Contingency" and what's next and watch Zoo online if you've missed a step.

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