Zoo Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Sex, Lies and Jellyfish


There is always another surprise around the corner.

Everything that's happening has already happened before. That's what we learned on Zoo Season 2 Episode 6.

We also discovered if we had not been so gobsmacked by the many awesome things happening by the animals, and characters coming and going, we might have realized where this was all leading.

Instead, we've been so busy having fun, what was right in front of us was missed.

Oh, alright. I'll stop speaking for all of you. But to be fair, you haven't spoken up in the comments if you did see this coming, so I'm feeling fairly comfortable with the assumption you didn't see it, either.

The ace in General Davies' Hole? Robert Oz.

Jackson's father is alive!!

Everybody thought Jackson was a total nutball for wanting to study up on his father's work. Apparently, he didn't study enough.

Somewhere in his papers were probably references to what happened before. Sure, Robert was pretty thorough from what information we were given. What are the odds he didn't know about the events in 1895?

Robert knew so much of what was happening. He appeared to be ahead of his time. Maybe he was 100 years behind the times, and trying to catch up.

Whether it was true to not, General Davies or someone else saw a connection. Did they kidnap him? Hell, he may have gone willingly, but they sure have him held captive now.

That's a surprise Jackson could really use right now. He's not handling Chloe's loss well, nor the fact he's possibly a flicked gene switch away from becoming a raging Pizza Face, going full on Kovacs.

Every single time we're reminded of Kovacs, I pray the next time I receive a pizza delivery it is not overcooked. No bubbly, brown pizza cheese for me, please and thank you.

Jackson can't be blamed for being out of sorts, that's for sure. And in his odd way, he was one of the only people accepting Dariela at the start of the hour. Or so it seemed. Until he said Abe and she were getting along along again.

It's time to admit something to you guys. Now, don't be hatin' (as they say). I've not been Jamie's biggest fan. Something about her has bugged me. So when she came back and decided punching Dariela in the face was the way to handle a situation that could have been really shitty for Dariela, too? That didn't play well.

It was a relief when Mitch finally admitted something, too. That he didn't want to hold Chloe's death against Dariela since nobody else was there, and they couldn't imagine what decision they would have made in her place. 

And Jamie brought her own baggage along with her from the woods. Nobody wanted to trust Logan, but he checked out. He'll be a part of the team. We can believe that, thought, if he shows up in the opening credits for Zoo Season 2 Episode 7.

Unless I missed it, Allison and Mitch skipped over their resolution for "How do you solve a problem like Jamie" to put a musical spin on their chat. What was that about? Even the preview for the upcoming episode doesn't seem to address it.

Other than the actual plot and story, all of which were addressed above (I think), there were some more cracking good times to be had from the Zoo Crew.

Beginning the hour with a rousing musical number worked nicely. "Stepping Stone" by The Monkees is an upbeat, feel-good song. It's hard not to dance to when you hear it, imagining you're from the groovy 60s. It lent a great, frenetic feeling for Jamie's comeback into the real world.

Mitch was promoted to the leader of the crew. He didn't want the job, but he'll be really entertaining with it. 

Listen, I got a good thing going here. I work in the lab. I keep to myself. I take naps. Lotsa naps.


I've held a tarantula...have any of you? College frat parties and trying to look cool while drinking a lot of beer does strange things. It was actually very sweet. It burned to death in a fraternity house fire later. Sad. Anyway...they're scary as hell in large quantities!!

What do you think? Were they real or were they VFX spiders? A bit of both? Any of you have pet tarantulas or similar spiders? 

Dariela continues again and again to reach out to her fellow Zoo Crew members to try to make things right. It's pretty big of her. Giving Jamie some Silly Putty to act as her big toe was a generous considering their first meeting. Will it be enough of a salve to cover the bigger, deeper wound of Chloe's death?

Everyone is going to have to be there for Jackson as his ghost gene works him over from its hiding spot. What will the Oz men do when they become aware of one another? Jackson will really need his team then.

What did you think of "Sex, Lies and Jellyfish"? Excited for the next chapter? Hit the comments!

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