Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 4 Review: eps2.2_init_1.asec

Will Elliot ever be free of the voices inside his head?

On Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 4 Elliot decided enough was enough and put a plan in motion to get rid of Mr. Robot for good. Elliot was so over having the blackouts. 

Deleting Mr. Robot

Wouldn't anyone? How would you feel if you didn't know what you were doing?

The chess game seemed like it was going to be the time for Elliot to finally get rid of his father, but that wasn't to be. It wouldn't be Mr. Robot without Mr. Robot himself. 

Elliot's mental state actually seemed to improve as the hour progressed. It was almost like he knew something needed to be done, so putting his mind to it helped. 

His meeting with Darlene was tense. He didn't agree with what she did, but she was right to point out exactly what Elliot did. It doesn't appear as though this brother and sister will ever have a normal relationship. 

As much as Elliot would like to play happy families in his head, there's no happiness on the way. It's now crystal clear that the two of them are in too deep, and I wouldn't be surprised if it resulted in Darlene's death. 

Carly Chaikin is fantastic in the role, but she could still appear as a figment of Elliot's imagination. He did imagine she wasn't his sister at one point. 

That's the beauty of a show like Mr. Robot. We really don't know if the details we're being spoon fed will amount to much. Elliot has a knack for exaggerating things in his head. 

That whole scene with all the happiness was great and all, but there's absolutely no way that Elliot would ever be smiling with Tyrell and Joanna. 

That just wouldn't make any sense. Maybe in another universe, but not this one. 

Elliot hacking the FBI was a great idea, but it's very risky. With Dom and her team already hot on their tail, they'll need to try and lay low. I only hope that Darlene follows Elliot's advice. 

The scenes with Joanna were thrilling. There are just so many layers to that character and I can't wait to see what more we get from her. 

She lives an elegant lifestyle, so she's not going to react well to not having any money. All of the drama with the severance package made it obvious that Scott just doesn't care what happens to her. 

Why should he?

Tyrell took his wife away from him. Joanna agreeing to say that she left the party alone was a blatant power play to get the money. If she got it before making that statement, there's no way she would have followed through with her plan. 

Like Tyrell, she's an opportunist and will do whatever it takes to move up the ladder. If that means killing a few people along the way, then so be it. 

Angela's scenes continued to be great. She's so much more engaging than she was back in Mr. Robot Season 1. She knows what she needs to do. 

It was pretty shocking that Philip declined her demands, but I'm sure she'll continue to push him until he agrees to her terms. I wanted to see the Melissa chick get fired and Angela taking her job. 

Angela sure seems to be getting a lot of confidence from the self-help stuff she's been listening to. It's given her the courage to make big moves. It just sucks that we never get to see her interacting with Elliot any more. 

"eps2.2_init_1.asec" was a another thrilling episode of this USA Network drama. 

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Note: Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 5 airs Wednesday August 3 at 10/9C on USA Network

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