Reign Season 3 Episode 15 Review: Safe Passage


Was it just me or was anyone else sort of side-eyeing last week's promo of Reign Season 3 Episode 15 since the clip made it seem like Mary was back in Scotland but tonight she most certainly was not back in Scotland?

We should've known it wouldn't be that easy for her to return home.

On the plus side, Bash is definitely going to Scotland with Mary. But he probably can't ever return to France, so that's not so great for him. Not that he probably wants to return now that he knows his mother is dead, his father is dead, and the brother to whom he was closest is also gone. 

Kenna got pregnant with another man's baby. Delphine was murdered.

He tried to strangle the Queen Regent with his bare hands and probably isn't too high up in her books since on top of that he went into full BURN IT DOWN mode and let Claude and Charles know about Catherine's little scheme with Duke Boinel.

Sure, he killed Christophe and put an end to those terrible missing-heart murders, but he basically has nothing left in France. Why NOT go to Scotland with Mary?

It's troubling that we didn't see him in any of the previews for Reign Season 3 Episode 16, but I'm hoping that's because he's unconscious and recovering somewhere. I need his pretty blue eyes in my life.


Mary's safe passage came in the form of a coded letter from Lola, who overheard a conversation between Elizabeth and her naval commander and sent word to Mary about a safe time to travel home. That Lola, she's a smart one!

And then Lola managed to convince Elizabeth not to back John Knox in his quest to dissolve the Catholic throne in Scotland because she knew her friend and Queen would be returning soon. If Elizabeth finds out about this, she's not going to be so happy about Lola's betrayal, but man, it's fun to watch Lola be a spy in the meantime.

The thing is, though, that Lola gives sincere advice to Elizabeth, making it seem possible that she could be loyal to two queens. She has a special way of knowing what needs to be said and how to say it so that the person to whom she's saying it will listen. It's a gift, really. 

Yall, I'm sorry for how all over the place this is, but speaking of gifts, that gift from Francis to Mary and his letter? Just use that sword to cut my heart out, why don't you, Francis!?!

We got to hear Francis' voice again! What a treat. And Mary's stoicism as she refused to let the mercenaries see her cry and just charged right back into the middle of what was rapidly becoming a riot at France's gates? I love her.

It's probably going to prove poor timing to have delayed her departure in order to go back and save Catherine, but it was something Mary had to do. She wouldn't have been able to live with herself if she'd left without saving Catherine from the angry soldiers.

This doesn't mean Catherine's fight with the Red Knights is over, but at least she has her army back. Now her battle turns inward as she has to face the fact that she had Claude beaten on her wedding knight so that she could reclaim the Regency.

Here's where I need to point out that I do not hate Catherine. I love Megan Follows. HOWEVER!

Catherine has a way of making...interesting...choices. Choices with which I do not always agree and/or believe to be the best choices. Are those choices fun and shocking to watch? Sometimes, for sure they are. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have to suffer the consequences of those choices.

Criticizing a character and her choices does not mean that I hate the character. It means I think she's making poor choices. 

What Catherine is about to experience via the revolt of her children, Charles, the king, to be specific, is nothing she hasn't set into motion by the choices she's made. What her suffering will be is anyone's guess.

Maybe Charles will lock her in a dungeon. Maybe Charles will let Claude marry Leith despite the fact that he's not a member of the aristocracy, thereby bringing some level of shame to Catherine. 

Maybe he'll strip her of the Regency and take over ruling France by himself. At any rate, Catherine's chickens are about to come home to roost and she doesn't have Narcisse there to save her.

He's off to England to save Lola, which is as it should be.

What did you think of "Safe Passage"? Are you excited Mary is FINALLY returning to Scotland? Should Bash be accompanying her on the voyage? How do you feel about Mary saving France one last time? Let's talk below and don't forget you can watch Reign online!

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