Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 17 Review: Forty-Caliber Bread Crumb

Halstead's new job is over almost as fast as it began on Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 17

What was supposed to be a routine bank drop turned deadly, and there were all kinds of twists and turns to follow to the killer. 

Halstead barely managed to hold it together to see the case through.

A Violent Robbery - Chicago PD

Luckily he did though, because he was the only who could positively ID the guy when they eventually did track him down. Still, Voight was teetering on whether or not to take him off the case. 

Jay, take a step back or go home. It's your call.


Voight's a good boss, one who puts his people first and looks out for their best interests, even if they don't always agree. 

It's a good thing too since so many of their cases become personal. 

Of course, Voight wasn't just looking out for Halstead. He wasn't who he had in mind when he asked him point blank if he was sleeping with Brianna. They hinted at the possibility that Halstead could mess around on Lindsay, but thankfully that was squashed quickly. 

Fans would never have bought that Halstead would do that. It would be completely out of character for him, and it is obvious he loves Lindsay.

What's nice is while Voight may have had his doubts, Lindsay never seemed concerned. She saw her take his hand in the precinct, she heard what the PI overheard through the bugs, but she never reacted. 

Good for Lindsay for not reading too much into things or jumping to conclusions. 

Now, if only Ruzek would take a page out of her book. 

Where did his jealousy come from all of a sudden? Sure we've seen Roman's obvious ploys to move in on Burgess for awhile now, but nothing specific happened to spur Ruzek's jealousy. 

Most likely he's just looking for something or someone other than himself to blame for the break up, but the sooner he realizes his own mistakes the sooner he can find a way to win her back. 

Roman's obnoxious, and he does want Burgess, but he's not the reason Ruzek lost her. 

Recently we got to see ladies night at Molly's, so it was nice getting to see the equivalent with the guys. It was basically a military support group, which is good because we know that both Halstead and Choi from Chicago Med are dealing with signs of PTSD.

Mouse questioned whether the robbery brought back memories for Halstead, and we all know the more a TV character says "I'm fine," the more we know he's not. 

That was evidenced by Halstead's breakdown in the bathroom. Hopefully he uses his mandatory one week of leave to talk to someone, perhaps Dr. Charles. 

I am curious how much time is supposed to have passed since Halstead took this job. They made it feel like he has been doing this for awhile, and that he hadn't just met Terry, even though this was all only introduced two episodes ago.

Halstead's comment that Terry didn't mention he took the police exam really made me question how long he'd been doing this. 

Regardless, it's over now, and that is probably for the best. 

Halstead was basically holding on by a thread, and I'm not sure Voight's decision to give him five minutes alone with Briggs was the best call. What do you guys think would have happened if he hadn't been interrupted? How far would he have gone?

Your turn, are you guys ready to see Chicago PD delve deeper into Halstead's PTSD? Are you surprised to see the security job end so soon? 

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Stacy Glanzman was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in March, 2019.

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