Suits Season 5 Episode 12 Review: Live To Fight


Is there any hope that everyone will make it out of this mess unscathed?

That glimmer of hope pretty much disappeared while watching Suits Season 5 Episode 12, which found Gibbs going after everyone close to the firm and made it clear she's out for blood. 

There was a lot of back and forth with her and Donna and it was excellent for us to watch at home. It really made for great TV. As we all know, Donna loves to look out for everyone close to her, but she had her back against the wall. 

It paved the way for us to get further insight into her character. I wasn't a fan of the flashbacks from earlier in the season, but they are key to understanding what's going down in the present. 

Donna has always been one of the best characters on the show and her scenes with Gibbs made me love her even more. She was to the point with Gibbs and even Harvey. 

It's totally understandable that she feels a bit betrayed because Harvey's dealings with her father led to him being hauled in for questioning. That said, I found Donna to be pretty rude when she was asking Harvey to give her dad a loan of $250,000. That was a big ask and Harvey was honest with her about the risk with the deal. 

No, Harvey, what you did is start this mess when you hired a fraud.


It's not all that surprising that everyone was starting to turn on each other. Mike's lie could cost them all their career and even their freedom. Harvey is probably wishing he could relive that day again right about now. 

Mike needs to make sure to keep his friends very close, but he didn't do himself any favors when he made it clear to Jessica that he doesn't fully trust her. I completely agree with her actions afterwards and I'm hopeful that he will find some common ground with her, because if this all blows over, there's going to be a lot of awkward encounters in the office. 

With everything else going down, you'd be forgiven if you forgot that we actually found out who the one was that sent the email. As much as I can't fathom why Louis knew that it was Sheila, it was still a huge shock. 

Louis has got to be the most unlucky person in love, but Sheila sure won't be making things up with him any time soon. I'm surprised she would even bother to send the email because surely she has to be concerned about the negative press this is going to bring to Harvard. 

If someone could get access to add someone to the school electronically, then how does the media think it hasn't happened in the past?

I understand her decision, but at the same time, she's put Harvard under scrutiny in the process. It's obvious that Gibbs was the one who pushed her to take it further when Mike and Harvey ridiculed her in front of the judge. 

"Live To Fight" was one of the best episodes of the entire series. It's not often that a show can turn its best episodes in Season 5, but Suits is continuing to deliver every week. The current storylines seem to be building towards a conclusion, so I'm happy that we know the show is returning next season. 

Other tidbits from the episode:

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What did you think of the episode? Is there any hope for Mike? Will Rachel stick by him? Chat with me in the comments!

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