Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Rule #79: Labels Are for Canned Goods


Magically, all the girlfriends have come to their senses at the same time.

While I'm very glad to see so much good mojo happening on Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 2 Episode 8, it seems just a little bit odd that all four gals have some sort of resolution to their existential crises within the same hour of telly. That's one very small issue with an otherwise great installment

We had some great moments of friendship which have been missed of late and things are looking up. 

Abby and Barbara finally connecting was really good stuff. Abby kind of needed to spend time with a "regular" person (a difference Barbara liked to remind Abby there is between them) to remember who she really is. 

And Abby went up and down during the hour. One moment she wanted to be real, not responsible for women possibly lightly throwing away their marriages when she is still grieving for what she lost with Jake, concerned over her glib catch phrases, and the next she was embracing the same phases as offering women in a tough situation hope.

Are we divorced yet?!

It's easy to see it from both angles dependent upon where you're standing at any given time. And Abby was all over the map. 

I think we're done with Harris. Abby realized she was clinging more than expected almost because she is not the gay divorcee she's been asked to play for SheShe. She does get attached easily. Harris is more like the character she claims to be on her social media accounts.

Previews indicate there are a lot of men who will be revisiting her while Jake is in Europe, but I am still not ruling him out. She didn't say they were done, but that their last attempt to reclaim what they had may mean they've exhausted all of their chances. 

Phoebe's story remains...unsettled. Apparently she thought she could just decide to become an artist because she found it of interest. No, you really have to have a calling for such things, or you are instead a Joaquin. Nobody wants to be a Joaquin.

I'm uncertain the status of Aaron Staton's character, JD. Has he been in an accident leaving him physically challenged in some way that leaves him looking tired and causing awkward speech patterns? I knew someone in a car accident similar to the character. Mentally sharp but physically challenged. Nonetheless, he's yet another male figure for Phoebe to grasp onto.

I'd like to see her find a gal pal. Consistent male companionship isn't doing her character any favors. It makes her seem a little lost and unable to function with a man. 

Delia really didn't like being told she wasn't marriage material. As soon as she found her footing and put an end to her torrid affair, she found herself stuck in a terrible position. 

What do you do when you're being blackmailed before you wedding? Who do you think is doing it?

My theory? I think it's Gordon's mother. I think she got suspicious when Delia cracked wise at the get together and had her followed. She might seem dainty and light in the head, but she's a wealthy woman. You don't live in that world without growing some mental calluses.

She wouldn't want Gordon to suffer with a woman in another marriage, but she might not want to blatantly get involved, either. She's been treated rather poorly by Delia. Why should she treat Delia well? So, that's my theory. It seems too easy for it to be a coworker. Boring! What do you think? And what should she do? Come clean?

Finally, the MVP of the night. Jo discovered she had a true friend in Scott, who took one for the team by fooling around with Charlene. Charlene and Scott were using each other for the same reasons, really, but only Scott was in it for Jo.

When it came out, Jo confronted Frumpkis and it was impossible not to feel for her. Alanna Ubach acted the hell out of that scene, asking for compassion and reminding Frumpkis of all that they shared and why they ended, because he didn't even have the decency to leave before starting a new life with another family. How could she ever know what is real after that?

It was amazing, and really, is it any surprise that Jo goes a little crazy once in a while? To find out your husband had two families is ludicrous. Nobody should go through that.

The friendships are coming back and the ladies are leaning on each other once again. Scott is coming through for Jo, Barbara is in the mix and Abby reminded Barbara what Delia can do for her with regard to her divorce. I'm ready to see these ladies and gentlemen back on the same page again. And let's check in with Becca in the guesthouse!

What did you think about the hour? Don't forget, you can watch Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce online any time to catch up. I can't wait to hear from you guys!!

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