Supernatural Season 11 Episode 6 Review: Our Little World


God has to be making an appearance at some point on Supernatural Season 11, right?

With the massive revelation that The Darkness is his sister, and her out for the ultimate revenge, it would seem pretty clear that she and her brother will eventually go toe to toe.

Or might the Winchesters figure out a way to stop her before that ever happens? They did manage to avert the apocalypse back on Supernatural Season 5, and at the time, that was the ultimate showdown, so maybe they can do it again?

Supernatural Season 11 Episode 6 really turned out to be an engaging hour with some wild revelations.

And to think I was worried it was going to just be complete filler.

After all, the whole daddy-dearest stuff with Crowley was rather off-putting, and him struggling to raise a teenager just seemed like a bad joke, even if that teen was Amara/The Darkness.

And then there was Castiel, still mesmerized by television. Sure, he’d taken a break from his Netflix binge, but it continued to feel like the angel wouldn’t be doing much of anything else this season.

But the hour ramped up as Sam and Dean headed for the asylum and Castiel finally got out of the bunker.

Again, it was great to see Sam and Dean working together, and I enjoyed seeing their work on the wall as they tried to figure out their next move.

On top of that, I continue to appreciate Sam’s attempts at trying to save people and not just kill the demons inside of their meat suits.

Talking about exorcizing a demon? That was old school Supernatural.

At the same time, during the hunt for Amara, Sam chose to put away the angel blade to try and take down the demons. But it was also good to see that even in his attempts, he was forced to have to break his no kill rule. It’s definitely not easy taking the no kill route, but I’m glad he’s still giving it a go and getting to be a badass in the process.

Dean on the other hand, who seemed pretty adamant to kill Amara, wasn’t able to do it even if he wanted to.

I’m still trying to figure out why he can’t kill Amara, even if she is God’s sister. He was at least inches from her, and he could have tried.

I don’t really get the whole connection with the Darkness, and this episode made it seem as if Dean and the Darkness have some weird romance. What is up with that?

However, Amara really stood out during this episode. Sure, she’s been sucking up souls, and we’ve heard how she’s this ancient powerful force, but we really got to see her in action against another formidable foe: Crowley.

The King of Hell was stronger at the outset of the hour, but by the end, Amara was messing him up to the point where she really could have squashed him like a bug. She may still have time to grow, but her presence was felt far more than when she first appeared on Supernatural Season 11 Episode 1.

And with the added truth that she’s God’s sister? Yeah, that’s a game changer.

Now, did Crowley know that fact? He knew he was getting himself into dangerous waters with the Darkness, but I wonder if he would have tried if he knew the reality about Amara.

Thankfully, Castiel was the one who got that answer and finally had something meaningful to do again.

Granted, he was beating the crap out of a human Metatron who must have watched Jake Gyllenhaal in “Nightcrawler,” but it was something besides just watching The Wire.

What’s more, Metatron was able to detect that something is still wrong with Castiel. Can Castiell ever get back to his normal self again?

And while I’m glad that Castiel was able to get some valuable information, where’s his story going to go next? Please, don’t let him go back to watching TV shows at least.

If anything, maybe he can help Sam with his visions?

What a cool reveal to see what I presume is the cage that Lucifer and Michael have been placed in in hell. So does that truly confirm that it has been Lucifer sending Sam visions this whole time?

And what does that mean? That Lucifer knows how to beat the Darkness? Or is it something else?

Either way, Sam, Dean and Castiel are really going to need to band together and get some info on how to take down the Darkness. She’s now on her own, hungry as ever, and getting more independent, knowledgeable, powerful, and more determined to settle a score with God.

So let's just hope that we get some solid payoff regarding that by the end.

This was such a pleasant surprise of an episode. From the sister surprise to the cage, "Our Little World" really opened up the doors to some exciting and new possibilities, continuing to build up what's been a strong Supernatural Season 11 so far.

What do you think of The Darkness being God's sister? What's next? Sound off below, and don't miss out on any other episodes. Make sure to watch Supernatural online now!

Note: Supernatural Season 11 Episode 7, "Plush," will air Nov. 18 at 9 p.m.

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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