Awkward Season 5 Episode 8 Review: An Indecent Promposal

No couples in sight!

t's almost time for prom on Awkward Season 5 Episode 8, and we caught up with our favorite characters as they were trying to decide how to ask their dates to go. 

Jenna's whole plot was pointless this week. She could have easily just blurted out that she wanted Matty to go with her. At this stage, this whole long drawn out love story is pretty pathetic, and they need to either get together, or move on. There's only so many times an MTV promo can tease them getting together for it not to happen. It just sucks. 

Avoiding Prom - Awkward

After all this time watching the show, it's a disservice to fans. It's almost like the powers that be are scared it would ruin the show, but to be pretty honest, this storyline is circling the drain. They should look at how Danny and Mindy's relationship has strengthened The Mindy Project. Heck, Mindy had her baby and the show is enjoying it's best season yet. 

Moving swiftly on, Tamara is growing on me again. It's obviously because that atrocious wedding plot has come to an end. She's slowly but surely turning back into the Tamara we know and love and it's pretty fun to watch. Her one liners were back on point, and the way she was trying to run the prom committee was freaking hilarious, but it was a little obvious would be stepping in to take over the reigns. 

I can't believe your attitude. You're the head of the prom committee. Show a little respect.


Lissa is crazy, but she is a really good person, and that's why she was the best person for the committee. She hasn't been as prominent on the show recently, so it was good to see more of her. 

The same goes to Theo and Cole. These guys are in a lot of the promotional material for the show, but are scarcely featured. They are both engaging enough characters, but their plot is pure filler. Do we care about who about who Theo and Cole are going to prom with? No. Maybe if they didn't disappear for weeks at a time, I would. 

I actually felt really bad for Sadie. I'm not sticking up for her or anything, but she was clearly pissed off with her mother and the natural thing to do when you are upset, is to take it out in those you love and that's why poor Sergio felt her wrath throughout the hour. Surely she had no idea she would wind up single, but I hope these two aren't apart for long. They're like the only couple on the show I care about right now. 

Sergio, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't give a fuck about the food truck. I have real world problems.


Did anyone else cheer Jake along as he burst out in song to ask Gabby to prom? It was hilarious and the song was actually pretty catchy. It's just a shame that these two were stupidly ripped apart by the conclusion of the episode. This show really hates couples, right?!

"An indecent Promposal" was another mediocre installment. This mid-season reboot can't come quick enough. It's time to wave goodbye to the high school years. 

What did you think of the episode, fanatics? Are you so over this show pulling couples apart? What's coming next? Hit the comments. 

Note: Awkward Season 5 Episode 9 airs Monday October 26 on MTV at 9/8C.

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