Longmire Season 4: Netflix Release Date Announced!

Walt Longmire lives! But does everybody else?

Picking up moments after the stunning events of the Longmire Season 3 finale, Longmire Season 4 will drop on Netflix Thursday, September 10.

This is the first season for Longmire on Netflix since it was picked up by the network amidst cries of fans that the show must go on after A&E decided against renewal in 2014.

Longmire Pic

If you recall, events at the end of Season 3 were a bit hairy, with the fate of Branch or his father up in the air after a shot rang out after the two met. Walt was also in trouble after learning the truth behind the murder of his wife.

It's finally time to find out what happens next.

Returning for Season 4 are Robert Taylor, Bailey Chase, Katee Sackhoff, Lou Diamond Phillips, Cassidy Freeman and Adam Bartley. Gerald McRaney will also be around for a turn as Barlow Connally. New to the cast is Ally Walker in an unspecified, recurring role.

It's time to get excited! Even I can admit I'll be up watching this one!

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