Dominion Season 2 Episode 4 Review: A Bitter Truth


So, Julian is a Dyad: a half human/half higher angel, which is new for Dominion.

I've got to say, Dominion Season 2 Episode 4 certainly did a great job filling in the blanks about Julian and New Delphi. Though I trust the creative team, it's almost as if they're burning through story at a record pace. You know what I mean?

Alex is too good to ever consider using the amphora to destroy New Delphi. Obviously, Julian can't be trusted to only eliminate Gabriel. I have no idea where this is going, and that's a good thing. I will say I missed Mallory and hope we get back there soon.

Well that certainly was a creepy way to kick things off, right? I loved the time jump, but the fact Noma was in danger... not so much.

It's still so odd to me watching 8-balls and humans working side by side. Alex was pretty aggressive with Julian, but even before the Chosen One verbalized it, I knew the guy was stalling. Simon Merrells is just so damn good, I'm hoping he sticks around for the rest of the season. It would be a real shame for the archangels to defeat him and lay waste to New Delphi.

Regardless, I'd be suspicious too and it made sense to investigate.

Alex: You promised me an alliance; an army, but all I see as I look around is a scared city preparing for a siege.
Julian: Well Alex you know, I'm gonna prepare my city first.
Alex: What about Vega? You sent my message, did you hear anything back?
Julian: No, it's going to take at least a week for our trucks to cross the wasteland.
Alex: When we walked into this city, there were five trucks out front. There are still five there.

David Whele returned, and it wasn't until he resurfaced that I realized he didn't appear in the last installment. I really enjoyed the way William taunted his old man. "Dad, you don't want to sleep through your own death" he warned. This imaginary Willy was a really clever way to go with the character, and honestly I found him more fun than the real guy. There were several lines that hinted he might be dead though. Is imaginary Willy now gone as well? Let's hope we haven't seen the last of him.

I'm not sure how I feel about Gates yet, he's kind of a Debbie downer. Still, he was prepared for that angel's arrival. The bunker attack with the wings was awesome, wasn't it? I'll be honest, this little assault lasted a bit too long for my taste. Especially since we know ultimately nothing's going to happen to Claire. Did they have to kiss though? Ugh! I guess I just wanted to get back to the New Delphi stuff.

Januck displayed some real brass ones, defying the archangel Gabriel like that. I was surprised he simply never summoned the army. It was cool the way Gabriel lifted Januck out of the car an smashed him on the ground. I don't know about you, but Carl Beukes definitely intimidates me (at least as Gabe). Do you think Uriel was really killed in the bombing? I'm not buying it, though Katrine De Candole did mention on Twitter she wasn't involved with this season.

Good thing Riesen's around, he was the only one to make sense of Julian's lies. Their face to face was quite fascinating, and Julian knows he's valuable.  

Alex: Julian promised us an army, so where is it?
Noma: Maybe he lied. He doesn't have one.
Riesen: No, he may be lying about the message to Vega, but he's telling the truth about the power of New Delphi. Somehow this city has defied Gabriel for 25 years. Something Vega couldn't do and we had Michael on our side. He has something formidable enough to keep them safe.
Alex: Then I'm gonna find it.

Of course, we know from the extremely spoilery Syfy promo that Alex and Noma discovered Julian's 8-ball army. I'm going to have to stay away from those damn teasers.

Whenever Michael and Gabriel share a scene, the tension is insane. That said, this confrontation was particularly emotional as Michael learned his sister and Alex's fate. Gabriel came clean about Alex, but insisted they found Uriel's body. Yeah I'm in denial and don't want to believe she's dead. Either way, it was a great scene, and both Tom Wisdom and Carl Beukes were phenomenal.

So far, Zoe's proven to be a real pain in the ass. However, it was nice to see the V1s were well aware of David's sins. Though I felt bad watching Anthony Head take a beating, David deserved that and more. Plus, they threw in that Bixby flashback for good measure. It's almost a shame David slithered his way out of it and formed an alliance. Watching it all unfold is going to be a lot of fun.

It didn't take long for Alex and Noma to locate Julian's soldiers. Yeah, their stasis was freaky. I'm glad Julian talked about it, because that was just weird.

This isn't a city of merchants, it's a city of monsters.


The instant I heard Pete was missing, I knew the kid was in trouble. This turn of events also allowed Julian to demonstrate the power of the amphora and share his story. Man, the guy sure did give up his secrets easily. So that's how he created his army, he can pull lower angels down from the ether and guide them into a human host. Poor Pete, he's an 8-ball all over again only more functional this time.

Noma kicked some serious ass to escape her possession. I loved that she proved really powerful and important in the end. Kim Engelbrecht has been doing a wonderful job and I'm glad they've given her more of a chance to shine.

We learned Julian had the fifth amphora; darkness. Funny that Noma mentioned only an angel can unlock an amphora yet couldn't piece together how Julian used it. He's clearly an angel, or actually a Dyad: half human/half higher angel. It's too early in the season for the amphora to be used against Gabriel. I'm betting the archangels get their hands on it. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Michael and Gabriel teaming up to take down New Delphi promises to be a blast. I already can't wait to watch the next installment. Vaun Wilmott and his team of writers sure do know how to build suspense in those final closing moments.

What did you think of "A Bitter Truth"? Were you expecting the Dyad reveal? Did the promos ruin the 8-ball army for you as well? Are you excited to see Michael and Gabriel fight side by side? You're up guys, share your thoughts in the comments below.

NOTE: Dominion Season 2 Episode 5 is titled “Son of the Fallen” and airs on Thursday, August 6.