Scorpion Season 1 Episode 18 Review: Once Bitten, Twice Die


When surrounded by venomous snakes, might as well get bitten by one for science.

On Scorpion Season 1 Episode 18, Paige does some background research on the players involved in the case. This was a great way for Paige to be involved.

She did more than apologize for Walter's behavior, and it is great to see how useful Paige can be. She can definitely be the one who does the briefings on the cases, which the other team members may or may not read. 

While it is great that Paige helps out, it is a little much that she is the one who figures out the snake venom is the poison. There just happens to be this somewhat well known story involving these three countries and snake venom? Okay, sure, whatever you say. At least she also didn't know what kind of snake it was because that would have been too ridiculous.

Paige is taking night classes to finish her degree, which is admirable. European History though? Why did she chose that? There really isn't an explanation, but hey, it came in handy during this case.

The primary focus is on Walter's reaction to the news that Paige is back in school, but it would have been nice to have another team member comment on it, even if it is just one line.

Cabe is keeping secrets! This cannot be good. There was already drama between Cabe and Walter over what happened with Walter's tech in Baghdad. What more can there be? Whatever the secret is, Cabe will fight to keep it a secret. A guess is that it involves Cabe doing something that Walter wouldn't approve of with his tech. What's your theory on Cabe's secret?

One of the great things about this show is that Team Scorpion works on a variety of cases. There's nothing about Team Scorpion that screams international peace summit, but Walter's tech was required to help keep the summit a secret. This is actually a plausible reason as to why they are there, and then the team gets into trouble, as per usual.

Walter: Punch me in the nose.
Happy: Finally.

Team Scorpion definitely does not play by the rules. It was amusing to see how good Walter was at car stealing. He's got a knack for conning a guy out of his burrito truck. Paige tried to come up with a legal way to get a snake but stealing works better. Team Scorpion sure does have a tendency to go the illegal route.

At least once it would be amusing to see the team suffer some repercussions for the not so legal things. The animal sanctuary worker could have yelled at the team for stealing their snake, or the guy who owned the burrito truck could have told the police what happened and somehow tracked them down.

There don't need to be big moments, but it could be funny to see the team have to explain why they did the illegal thing that they did.

Walter makes poor life choices. It was a miracle that the snakes didn't attack him when he landed on them and he most likely killed or injured at least one snake. There had to be a better way of figuring out what snake was the culprit other than by just picking one snake to get bitten by. There is no way the snakes looked that identical. A Google search could have potentially cleared this up.

What if Walter would have picked wrong? The venom from both snakes could have presented in a similar manner. Let's say the symptoms for the other snake's venom is radically different, but Walter still picked the wrong snake. Then there would have had to steal two ferrets, and Paige couldn't keep track of one. It all would have been a mess. Look at your life, look at your choices, Walter.

Toby named it Ferret Bueller. I don't understand the reference.


What did you think of the episode? Is anyone else freaking out over the Happy and Toby (Quintis) kiss? Do you think Paige will bring up the dinner reservation comment Walter made when he was delirious? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

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