Black Sails Season 2 Episode 10 Review: XVIII

Damn, that was one helluva season!

If the first run was merely an introduction to this world, Black Sails Season 2 established the series as an epic drama and one of the most well-written shows on television.

Not only have the writers painstakingly fleshed out their pirates and recreated the vicious time period, but they’ve been more than willing to kill off major characters to serve the story. A trend we're seeing more lately on great shows like Game of Thrones or Vikings.

A death like Miranda’s hurt and shocked us, because as an audience, we are truly invested in these characters and their journey. These people feel real to us, which is the beauty of great writing.

Captain Flint's Trial - Black Sails

Once again, Black Sails Season 2 Episode 10 began with Abigail Ashe, a character who grew by leaps and bounds this season. She went from a sheltered young woman that admired her father, to understanding that he was a villain in fancy clothing. Their conversation about the truth was powerful and it left her old man speechless.

I can’t say I feel bad for Lord Ashe. He brought the destruction of Charles Town upon himself the moment he betrayed James, Miranda and Thomas to secure his position and old man Hamilton’s favor. He was the worst kind of coward, one that posed as a friend then stabs you in the back when you’re not looking.

Vane’s quartermaster was very shortsighted, and I knew right away he was going to cause trouble. Billy, on the other hand, understood Vane’s game pretty clearly.

Billy: Who said anything about rescuing anyone?
Silver: Didn't Captain Vane?
Billy: There's a significant difference between preventing Ashe from making a trophy of Flint, and saving Flint's life. Whose to say Vane doesn't help Flint escape from shore, and then slit his throat the moment we're in open water? Along with all of ours.
Silver: That was dark.

Billy has learned pirates aren’t to be trusted. Yet, if Vane was going to successfully bring Flint back, he was going to need a good plan. After two seasons at odds, I really enjoyed watching all the pirates come together as a united front.

Meanwhile, Flint awaited his trial and Ashe gave him one last chance to confess to his crimes. Watching Miranda’s corpse propped up against the wall and heckled was devastating. Can you imagine how Flint felt watching the townsfolk hurl vegetables at her? Man, I would have killed every last fool in that town square and I’m not a pirate. It was infuriating and frustrating to watch him sitting there so helplessly.

See what I mean about incredible writing? They have us rooting for the pirates, the “bad guys.” Only, over the course of 20 hours of so we’ve come to understand they’re only flawed human beings. Flint has done some horrendous things, but Lord Ashe is no angel. He hides behind the law, while Flint lives out in the open.

I have one regret. I regret ever coming to this place with the assumption that a reconciliation could be found. That reason, could be a bridge between us. Everyone is a monster to someone. Since you are so convinced that I am yours, I will be it.


Enter Vane with Abigail’s diary… what a great moment! I had no idea how the two pirates would escape but Billy/Vane’s plan worked perfectly. Watching Charles Town’s destruction was a win. I didn’t feel bad.

Eleanor’s absence was felt this week and Max even learned the truth, that Hornigold turned her over to the Navy. While it’s going to be a ridiculously long wait to learn Eleanor’s fate, it seems like Max is going to play a part in her return. Did she buy the tavern in order to return it to Eleanor? Will the two become partners? It’s not like Max needs to dip into the reserves anymore or work another day in her life for that matter. There’s plenty of coin to go around. Still, she did say power is most effective when it is least perceived.

Which brings me to Rackham and Anne, not only was I pleased the two made up, but the way he told Max they had returned with the Urca gold was brilliant. I worried a bit that claiming the gold off that beach would become a Season 3 thing. However, now that Rackham, Bonny and Max have the gold things are going to get very interesting next season.

It was clear Vane’s crew would attempt a mutiny, but I didn’t expect them to take Silver or the way the crew defended their brother. He sure has come a long way this season. He’s gone from an anonymous cook, to quartermaster. Now with the missing leg, he’s well on his way to becoming the iconic pirate from Treasure Island. Is a parrot named Flint in his future?

Flint: A strong gust has come to this place. The men can feel it. Now it will upset everything they thought they understood just a few days ago. They'll need to lean on something solid. On the men who can reassure them that in times like these there are some things that can be counted on. They'll look to me for that, but they'll also look to their new quartermaster.
Silver: They voted?
Flint: A few days ago. I think the men wanted to tell you when you awoke, so try and act surprised.

The attack on Charles Town was one of the biggest and most elaborate battles we’ve seen on the show to date. How will they ever surpass this finale next season? I loved hearing Flint tell Vane running wouldn’t do them any good. They had to remind the people that they were right to be afraid.

Another great moment was Flint ordering Billy to release Vane’s men. “I’ll not hold pirates prisoner on this ship. Not after today” Flint said. It certainly was a good start. I’m curious to see where this partnership goes. They are going to be an unstoppable force, if the truce lasts that long I mean.

It was clever the way Silver turned things around in his favor, claiming Vincent (now dead) had lied about the Urca gold. Boy was Flint pissed, Rackham and company are going to feel his wrath that’s for sure. The final shot of the treasure was gorgeous wasn’t it? Now, the wait for Season 3 begins. It’s going to be a long ten months, no doubt about that.

I'd like to thank everyone that read my reviews and commented this season. I'll be covering Game of Thrones next, look for me there!

What did you think of the season finale? Will the truce between Flint and Vane stick? Who will attempt to save Eleanor? Will Rackham, Bonny and Max keep the prize? You’re up my fellow Black Sails fans, hit the comments below and share your thoughts on tonight's finale with me.

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