Army Wives Review: Red Flags, New Love and a Farewell

No fair! I'm crying foul at "All or Nothing" because of the cheesy montage scenes we received courtesy of Gloria, smack dab in the middle of our finale.

What else happened? Let's check it out...

Preparing To Leave

Army Wives Season 7 was, in essence, solid all around. But the finale, while it tried to tie up loose ends, ended up cliche-ridden in some places and it felt like the episode was longer than an hour. Not, unfortunately, in a good way. It wasn't all bad, so let's start with that and finish on a positive note.

The Gloria business is ridiculous. Unless somebody else remembers a couple moving on base named Gloria and Hector who were madly in love, they're forgotten the story. Sure, Hector cheated on her. But he and Gloria were already having problems before that happened. That was just the straw that broke the camel's back. Poor camel. They got married after weeks of knowing each other and were virtual strangers. They were never depicted as being deeply in love, so the montage didn't cut it. Moving on from him wasn't just her best decision, it was her only decision. 

Gloria didn't let the audience know her choice, but since Jordan has eyes for Patrick, there wasn't any other decision she could have made, right?

Let's chat about Tim finally cracking after realizing he hurt Holly. You know it's never going to end well when someone up and walks out the door without closing it. Do people actually do that in real life? Just like people hang up a phone call on television without saying goodbye, I don't think what Tim did or that Holly stood in the door and just watched him leave knowing his state of mind made a lick of sense. 

Thankfully, his platoon buddies got together and found him, but dude still needs some serious help.

On to the positive points!

Frank fell down the stairs in Germany and broke his ankle. Sure, he might not have liked it much, but it brought him stateside... so yay for us! I think even Denise was happy about that broken ankle. Denise wasn't so happy about catching Michael and Kat in a kiss - and let them know about it.

Picking Brooke Shields for HellKat was just genius. She and Brian McNamara have a natural chemistry on screen that makes it so easy to accept them as a couple and root for them to be together. Even that first episode when she arrived and I wanted to hate Kat, I knew they brought her on board to make me love her and for her to love Michael. It's been an organic pairing and I embrace it.

The writing for the scenes where Kat pleaded her case to Denise and Denise then thanked Michael and Kat for respecting her friendship with Claudia was well thought out and made them best of the episode. 

Also very well done was the goodbye to Joan and Roland. There was pomp and circumstance, due to her retirement, but overall it was understated and without unnecessary dramatics. Joan has decided to retire from a job she excelled at to support and spend time with her family. There wasn't a lot more that needed to be said. I really appreciated the way the story played out because it was pure and not contrived. The heartstrings had already been tugged. 

The only other thing of note were that Quincy got his medical eval back and was remaining in the army. No surprise there. Ashanti (Latasha) wasn't going anywhere even if they gave Quincy a desk job!

Now that this season of acquaintance is over, we can get back to solid and steady story next season. I'd like to see more episodes and less "getting to know you" business. We know everyone pretty well now, let's stop kicking the stones and start building our new family home.

What did you guys think of the finale? Chat about it and we'll see you back next year!

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