Who IS Raina Thorpe? Gossip Girl Guest Star Dishes on Character

Tika Sumpter, who plays intriguing new Gossip Girl character Raina Thorpe, a Chuck Bass love interest and business foil wrapped up in one, says there's more than meets the eye.

The actress says we'll soon learn details about her life that might change our opinion about her: “Of course when we first see a person, you meet their representative," she says.

"You see the front they have to put up. But I think that’s the complexity of a human being. I think you’re going to start seeing her vulnerable side, and seeing what makes Raina tick and what excites her and what makes her fall for people.”

Russell and Raina

Raina and Russell Thorpe (Michael Boatman) on Gossip Girl.

"I’m so excited for you all to see that aspect of her, not just her ambition. The components of being down to earth. The human side,” Sumpter adds ... with a caveat.

"With Raina, first is always family. For her, blood is thicker than water ... She has a tendency to trust her family first and ask questions later,” the actress tells EW.

What do you think? Do you like Raina? Can we trust her?

She's going to be around for the rest of this season of Gossip Girl, so the producers clearly have plans for her. How do you think her story will play out? Discuss!

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