Weeds Review: "Gentle Puppies" - TV Fanatic

Anyone who's ever been a fan of Saved By The Bell better have tuned in this week to Weeds!

Just having our Zack Morris bare his bottom give this episode an automatic three stars. Butt all kidding aside, "Gentle Puppies" did hold its own weight in the entertainment and comedic aspect.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar on Weeds

Before we delve into detail about Jack's bottom, what could be more insane than having Andy play a convincing role of a Pastor and Doug as his assistant? Hilariousness was guaranteed!

The Botwins and Doug bought a God-loving secret gay porn addicts' old Winnebago and followed Andy's advice about getting off the grid. They got so off the grid, but they found a trailer park filled with Church-loving characters.

Before they got there, Andy got pulled over for speeding, probably one of my favorite scenes from the episode. Why? Well, rewind your DVR and watch Doug's reaction when Andy gets him to raid the Winnebago for drugs and, for once, they have nothing on them. Hilarious! 

I wasn't sure how I felt about the gang sticking around this town for long. I pretty much agreed with Silas when he told them how they should do what they have to do and leave. Everyone, and I mean everyone, gave me a slight case of the heebie jeebies!

Meanwhile... what was up with that Baptism? Why are all Southerners depicted as crazy Church loving people?!

Okay, so back to Nancy's one hit wonder: Jack. This scene had to be one of the kinkiest/hottest sex scenes that Nancy has ever had! I was surprised that she bared her chest completely, but it was fitting for the level of sexual intensity this scene demanded.

Who would have guessed that Jack was a married man with three kids? Funny how life works out and as much as Nancy liked the town because of Jack, it was Jack (and his wife) that made them leave.

So now our favorite drug dealing family is out on the run again. Who do you think will catch them first? The FBI or Esteban? Oh and, not to forget, I do want to make a quick high-five shout out to the writers for bringing back Dean for a sweaty hot second. Loved it.

Until next week, here are a few of my favorite Weeds quotes from tonight's episode:

Nancy: I want to see those washers going 24/7. This families gonna make hash - lots of it. Won't that be nice? | permalink
Nancy: I like it here.
Andy: You got laid.
Nancy: I want to stay here for a while. | permalink
Jack: Hey, I didn't get your name.
Nancy: No you didn't. | permalink
Silas: Let's just do what's needed to do here and move on. I don't want to be here forever. | permalink
Jack: (to Nancy) I said no smoking. You don't listen. Do you need someone to make you listen? | permalink
Simon: Nobody's here if they have anyplace better to be. This is the end of the road. | permalink
Andy: (to Silas) Didn't even try to bargain. What's the matter with you? Where's you're Jewish at? | permalink
Andy: Jesus saves. | permalink