The Tudors Review: Series Finale

Well, it’s over. 

I am anxious to hear what all of you thought about this final episode of The Tudors.  I have to say I enjoyed it despite my deep and profound disappointment over not seeing Surrey get hanged, drawn, and quartered.  What a letdown!  People who watch this show have become accustomed to seeing some serious violence and I don’t think the last episode was any exception.

Couldn’t they have left us with one little gory execution to cling to?

This was the episode of the Dead and Angry Baby Mamas.  The wives who had given children to King Henry showed up throughout this episode as visions, sort of like a combination between “Six Feet Under” and “Scrooged.”  They all came to berate Henry for being such a sucky father to their various spawn.  Here are their beefs in a nutshell:

King Henry XIII

I got so excited to see all these dead ladies as soon as I saw them in the opening credits.  I was like, “Yay!  The dead queens are back!”  But I was sad not to see Catherine Howard in all her bare-boobed glory and Joss Stone (whatever her Queen name was, who cares) with her fakey German accent in tow. 

I know she’s not dead but it doesn’t mean I was any less pumped to see her.  I also loved that the Queens were upset with Henry rather than being all fawny and lovey as they were when they were regulars on the show.  They’re already dead so why not talk a little trash?

Now that we are talking about the Royal wifies and chilluns, let me just make a side note here:  I HATE, HATE, HATE when they substitute one kid for another playing the same person to show us that the kid is getting older.  This is the old Chrissy Seever trick from “Growing Pains.” 

Remember when that kid went from being a newborn one season to being a second grader the next?  Talk about discombobulating.  Tonight we saw Prince Edward get about three years older than he was in the last episode.  I can’t stand that!  I know they are trying to help give us a sense of his approximate age when his pop croaked but it still bothers me.  I get rather attached to TV children, I’ll admit it.  I don’t like seeing them go away and transform into a totally different human being without any warning. 

I always have to pause The Lion King right before baby Simba turns into teenager Simba just to savor that last, precious moment.  Not that I watch The Lion King regularly or anything.  Don’t judge.

I feel like I learned a very useful line from tonight’s episode.  Remember when Queen Catherine (the current one) is trying to save her ass from the chopping block and she says to the King, “I am but a woman with all the imperfections natural to the weakness of my sex”?  This is a good one!  I am going to whip this line out next time I get pulled over or get called out for doing anything bad. 

I’ll say it when I’m late for work, when I don’t have enough money to tip the valet parking guy, when I accidentally rear-end someone in traffic, whenever!  I think it will help me out of some sticky situations.  It sure helped Catherine!

Henry and Catherine

I am a sucker for montages set to music and tonight’s episode had a good one.  I have to admit that I get chills whenever old scenes from shows are matched with sad music.  I get all misty and it makes me want to go back and watch the show from the beginning all over again.  I really loved seeing all his kids when they were little but, even more than that I loved seeing sexy Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the young King.  And also, Hottie McHotterson Charles Brandon with him! 

We got to see both these guys die as yucky old codgers tonight and it was really nice to see them as hot youngsters for a brief instant. It took us back to the good ole days when the show was new.

Overall, I liked this last episode.  It wrapped up most of the plotlines neatly yet made me feel a strong desire to go buy a big, heavy book about England post-Henry VIII so I can find out more.  What are your thoughts about the conclusion of this show?  Any comments or feelings to share?

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